Hospitals in Kovalam

Kovalam Hospitals promise to provide best of the medical services to the local inhabitants of the place. The Upasana hospital which is located in one of the prominent places of Kovalam is known for its multi-disciplinary treatment facilities. General hospital, Government Ayurveda College, G G Hospital, P R S Karamana and Cosmopolitan hospital are some other health-care centers in and around Kovalam.

Patients coming to Upasana hospital of Kovalam can contact the medical personnel through the phone. The number is 2480632.

Equipped with state-of-the-art medical amenities, Upasana hospital boasts of some such doctors who have sufficient experience and expertise in the concerned field. Treatment to a wide range of ailments is provided by the veteran medical practitioners of Upasana hospital in Kovalam. The research and development departments of the Upasana Hospital in Kovalam play a major role in bringing in advanced medical facilities to the place.

People from the adjacent villages and also from the nearby cities come to the hospitals of Kovalam. The treatment charges of the Upasana hospital are quite affordable due to the fact that mostly the local people having a limited income level visit the place.

The health industry of Kovalam is passing through a developing phase. The hospitals of Kovalam always try to cope with the recent scientific advancement in the medical field. There are several future plans of setting up of new hospital buildings in Kovalam.

It can be said that the Kovalam Hospitals are a significant support system that collectively encourages the growth of the Kovalam health sector.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011