Madurai Ambulance

Madurai ambulance is an integral part of the healthcare system of this temple city of Tamil Nadu. The ambulance services in Madurai are of great help for the patients during emergencies.

Ambulance services in Madurai are available round the clock. People can call up any time of the day or night and avail its services. Some of the hospitals and nursing homes offer free ambulance services to the patients. In times of need people can also dial 101, which is the emergency number for ambulance services in any city.

The telephone numbers of some of the ambulance services in Madurai are:

  • City Ambulance: 2661266
  • Narpani Mandram: 2602086
  • City Clinic: 2650099; 2580043
  • Rajaji Hospital: 2532532-40

Last Updated on 9/15/2011