Madurai Cyber Cafes

Madurai Cyber Cafes provide state of the art computers with excellent connectivity. With the opening of the cyber cafes, communication has become easier for the people of the city. As internet is one of the most important sources of information today, people of Madurai access the cyber cafes for the same.

The cyber cafes in Madurai are generally air-conditioned providing relief from the sweltering heat. Some of the cafes also act as cafeterias where people can have snacks, coffee and cold drinks while surfing the web.

Following is a list of cyber cafes, which are present in Madurai:

  • Net World
  • Galatta Hub
  • S.R. Computer Academy
  • Net Tower
  • Priya Consultancy
  • UNI Internet Club
  • Supreme Internet Browsing Center
  • Creative Universe
  • ABC Internet
  • Cyber World
  • Web Tower
  • Sunnett
  • Deepakk Computers
  • Sreenet
  • MECS Internet
  • aalphaNET Internetcafe
  • Usha Computers
  • Netcomm Internet
  • Galaxy Browing Point
  • Micronet Webcafe
  • Cyber Club
  • TamilNad Computers
  • Net Desam
  • Net Avenue
  • Jasmine Internet
  • Thulasi Xerox & Graphics
  • Galaxy Browsing Center

    Last Updated on 9/15/2011