Language of Madurai

The main language of Madurai is Tamil. It is spoken by the majority of the populace of Madurai. The form of Tamil spoken in Madurai is almost pure and does not have any influence of other languages. The other languages spoken in Madurai are English, Saurashtra, Telugu, Urdu and Hindi.

Saurashtra is spoken by a large section of the Madurai population. The Saurashtra community has a significant presence in the city and comprises of the people who had immigrated to the city. Telugu is spoken amongst the people who had come from Andhra Pradesh and have resided here. Urdu is spoken mainly by the Muslims of Madurai. Although Hindi is a national language, it is not very widely spoken in Madurai.

English is also spoken by the people of Madurai. English is the main medium of communication for the tourists who come to visit this famous temple city from all parts of India and abroad. The language is also popular among the modern day youth.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011