Madurai Crafts

Madurai crafts are very famous all over India. Madurai art and crafts reflect the rich cultural tradition of this city. Tourists from various parts of the country are attracted towards the city due to its rich art and craft. Some of the major crafts practiced in Madurai are weaving and spinning. The city has a well developed cotton textile industry, which provides employment to the inhabitants. Embroidery and dyeing are also practiced in this city, which is situated in the southern part of Tamil Nadu.

Art and craft of Madurai is practiced as a full-fledged profession by the artisans and craftsmen of the city. Many art and crafts fairs are held within the city, which display a wide variety of ethnic and traditional goods. There are various institutes where crafts are taught in great detail to the respective students. One of the eminent institutes of Madurai art and crafts is Madras Craft Foundation Institute.

The practice of arts and craft is highly encouraged by the state government. It is also helping the tourism industry to prosper. Every year a multitude of these products are sold and in the recent times their demand in the international market has increased manifold. The handicrafts industries are increasing by the day as the demand of traditional goods are increasing in the Indian market.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011