Manali Para Gliding

Manali para gliding has flourished in the recent time with the recognition by para gliders from across the world as an international standard para gliding destination. Soaring across the verdant valleys against the Himalayan landscape is a sheer delight and one of the most favored Manali adventure tours for the lovers of nature. The hill retreat of Manali has clear blue skies in summer and low winds. This coupled with infrastructural developments including those of the existing natural launching sites in Solang, Bhaikhali and Bijli Mahadev have much attracted the aero-sports enthusiasts.

Para gliding refers to a blend of parachute and hand glider and is maneuvered by the rider himself. The Solang valley is renowned for para gliding in Manali. The enchanting view of the surrounding mountains, gurgling streams and lush green far off valleys make it an interesting fly. The experience is bound to leave a treasured impression all through the life. The para gliders need to wear comfortable rough trousers, warm shirts and jackets and proper shoes with complete ankle support.

The best season for Manali para gliding is between the months of May and June and from Sept till October. Experienced educators and trainers provide short term courses for the beginners. The course familiarizes the beginners with the equipments, inflation method and ground runs necessary for the para gliders. Safety equipments and necessary gears are also available in Manali. A twin seater tandem glider is also available in Solang valley para gliding site for the inexperienced for accompaniment by the instructor.

Last Updated on 13 June 2011