Manali Museums

Manali Museums houses some of the rare artifacts of the historic times. The museums of Manali are also popular for having a veritable compilation of ancient events that took place in the region several centuries back. As the store house of the history museums in Manali aptly identify the roots of the place.

Tourists who visit Manali during various times of the year are mesmerized by the collection of articles, samples and other vital evidences of the local museums. All the treasures of Manali Museums speak of some or other important phase of the history.

The Nicholas Roerich Museum is one of the prominent places which has a close proximity with Manali. Being located in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh, the Nicholas Roerich Museum showcases the works and achievements of a Russian philosopher by the same name.

It is said that Nicholas Roerich visited Kullu after the 1917 revolution and decided to settle down in the place. Ever since his arrival in the scenic location of Himachal Pradesh, Nicholas Roerich always tried to form a platform of peace and harmony where people can come and live without the fear of devastating wars.

There are some other equally informative and significant museums around Manali that helps in making the tourists understand the historical aspects and perspectives of the place. Not only Manali but the museums provide a complete historical description of Himachal Pradesh as a whole.

Manali Museums must be visited by all those who are interested in unearthing the past mysteries of the place.

Last Updated on 14 June 2011