Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

Manali is a quixotic hill resort moored up on the Himalayan mountain ranges that overlooks the scenic rhapsodies of green carpeted valleys adorned by seasonal blooms and laced by rippling rivulets meandering through their course. The hill station's diverse natural heritage is manifested through the Manali Wildlife Sanctuary.

The dense thickets, woods and glades enveloped in lush foliage offer refuge to a wide variety of animals, birds as well as insects and reptiles. Sited at a stone's throw distance of 1 km from the stunning Manali Hill Resort, the sanctuary boasts of an admirable collection of tress and shrubs. The archetypal deciduous and coniferous vegetation comprising of Spruce, Oak, Fir, Kail, Deodar, Maple, Walnut, Poplar, Pine as well as Aesculus account for he abundant greenery of the Manali Wildlife Sanctuary.

As far the wildlife is concerned, Manali Wildlife Resort houses several rare species that include the leopards, black and brown Himalayan bears, musk deer as well as the Himalayan ibex. The sanctuary is also an ornithologist and bird watcher's dream with is assortment of variegated birds ranging from the Monal, Tree Creepers, Chakor, Kokla, Kingfisher and the Snow Pigeon that are dappled in multicolored plumes and twitter merrily as they go about their work with clockwork punctuality. Entymologists, too need not be disappointed. The Manali sanctuary has an enviable collection of insect world as well as the scaly and formidable reptiles like the lizards and snakes.

The local tourism department as well as the forest officials advise tourists to visit the sanctuary during spring and autumn when the congenial weather, scenic splendor are at their peak and the clear, mist free skies make easier to spot the animals hidden in the wilderness.

Last Updated on 13 June 2011