Manali Zoo

Zoo in Manali

Manali Zoo which houses some of the finest of pheasants of Rewalsar Zoo of Himachal Pradesh is worth visiting a place. Tourists who come to Himachal Pradesh to view the exotic wildlife can go to the various zoo parks which are located in different corners of the state.

The Kufri Mini Zoo near Manali is one of the must-visit places of Himachal Pradesh. Known as a prized possession of Shimla, this zoo houses a variety of wild animals. Brown beer, Tibetan wolf and barking deer are the sought-after species of Kufri Mini Zoo in Shimla. However, the main appeal of this zoo which is set in a nearby location of Manali is the state bird - Monal.

Tourists from far and near places often visit the zoo parks located in and around Manali to discover the interesting array of bird and animal species. Found otherwise in the deep forests of Himachal Pradesh, the animals in the zoo make for a memorable eye retreat.

Visiting the various zoos around Manali is a thrilling experience specially for the kids as they enjoy the sight of wild animals moving freely inside the spacious cages. While the colorful birds of the Manali zoos the onlookers, the wolfs and the beers stun the visitors.

Manali is famous for a range of exquisite sightseeing options. From temples and hills to palaces and museums, Manali is a treasure house of tourist alternatives. The zoo parks that are found in the nearby areas of Manali also attracts large number of tourists round the year.

Housing the pheasants and other species, Manali Zoo is definitely a must-visit address of Himachal Pradesh.

Last Updated on 14 June 2011