Manali Weather

Manali weather is typical of a mountainous region in India. Being situated in the region of the Himalayas, the weather of Manali is very cold. It is located in the close vicinity of the snow line. Generally the weather conditions in Manali are such that the summers are pleasant and cool while the winters are extremely cold.

The high altitude of Manali is also largely responsible for the calm and soothing weather of the place for most of the time in the year. The pollution level is very less in Manali for the high altitude in which it is situated. People love to visit Manali because of its lovely weather. The weather in Manali remains very enjoyable almost all through the year except the rainy season when heavy rainfall damages the roads and causes the landslides.

The winters in Manali are very cold and there is snowfall-a thing that the tourists enjoy a lot. Summers in Manali are very pleasant and winters are very cold but the tourists keep coming into the place almost all through the year. In winter, the snow line comes down. The temperature often drops below the freezing point. The hotel rooms have room heater facility to cope up with such Manali weather conditions. The tourists should keep heavy woolen clothes for winter while for the summers, light woolen or cotton clothes are preferred.