Mangalore Rivers

The two major Mangalore Rivers are the Gurupura River and the Netravati River. Both these rivers are of immense importance to the city. These rivers at Mangalore are well known not only in the city but throughout the state of Karnataka.

The Netravati River is also called the Nethravathi River. It is one of the major rivers of Mangalore. It has originated from Gangamoola in Samse in the district of Chikkamagaluru in the state of Karnataka. It is one of the major water resources in the city. The river unites with the River Kumaradhara in Uppinangadi. It ultimately flows into the Arabian Sea.

Previously, this river was known as River Buntwal. The city got this name owing to its location near the Bantwal town. The width of the River Buntwal is about 200 yards. The river forms an important part of the transportation system that is offered by the city. This river is capable of navigation and one can travel many a miles via this waterway of Mangalore.

Gurupura River is one of the main rivers in Mangalore. This river flows through a region that offers a great deal of natural beauty. The river is one of the Mangalore Rivers that offer good opportunities for windsurfing. It is located at a distance of about 8 kms from the city of Mangalore. The Gurupura River owes its name to the town by the same name. It flows through Mangalore, Gurupura and Tannirubhavi. It finally flows into the Arabian Sea.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011