Mangalore Call Center Jobs

The Mangalore call center jobs is the perfect occupation for those educated and trained individuals who want to make a career in the call center industry. As a matter of fact, some of the finest call center companies are present in this city in Karnataka. The Mangalore Call Center Jobs have given new hope to trained graduates and undergraduates residents of the city.

Individuals who are previously trained in call center skills can choose from a variety of excellent career options. Majority of the call centers in Mangalore offer jobs in the positions of either executives or associates in the beginning. However, once the candidates gain sufficient experience of 1 or 2 years, they become eligible for the posts of team leaders and process managers. Prior to promotion, the candidate's performance and the interest in the job is also taken into account.

Most of the call centers at Mangalore also arrange for in-house training sessions to help its employees grow and gain experience. Almost all the call centers of Mangalore conduct many recreational activities to keep its employees focused.

It would be really helpful for the aspiring candidates if they undergo training in call center skills prior to their interview. This will greatly increase their chance of success in the interview. The call center training centers train the candidates in fields like interview skills, telephone manners, answering questions, customer service basics, and others.

Most of the call centers in Karnataka have a round of personal interview, written tests and group discussions in order to select the best candidates. MphasiS is one of the most famous IT and global call center companies.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011