Beery Bashe

Beary Bashe is one of the languages that are spoken in the Mangalore city in Karnataka. This language has another name, which is Nakknik baase. The Beary Bashe language has Dravidian origin. It is primarily spoken by the people belonging to a particular group called Bearys.

The people of this group have faith in the religion of Islam. The language of Beary Bashe does not have a script of its own. The script used for this language is the script originally belonging to the Kannada language, another important language spoken in the southern parts of the country.

Beary Bashe is often declared a dialect belonging to the language of Mappila Malayalam. The language is generally considered to be the one and only dialect not only in India but across the globe that is used only by people belonging to the Muslim community. This language is compared with other languages used by the Jews like Yiddish.

The Beary Bashe language of Mangalore has taken up many words from the different languages with Dravidian origin. These languages are Kannada, Tulu and Malayalam. It has also been influenced by the Konkani and the Arabic languages. The grammar and phonetic structure of Beary Bashe is quite similar to that of other languages widely used in the southern part of India, which are Tulu and Tamil. The language has taken a number of words from the different dialects belonging to the language of Malayalam. These dialects are spoken in the district of Malabar in Kerala.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011