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City Map of Somnath

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Somnath City Map
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*Somnath city map showing roads, railways, hotels, hospitals, waterbody, etc. Disclaimer

Somnath is an ancient temple town in the state of Gujarat located in Prabhas Patan in Saurashtra, Gujarat. Among the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva in India, it is the first one. Due to its religious significance and belief, the place is visited by a large number of devotees as well as tourists. The Somnath shrine is considered as an eternal shrine; it was destroyed several times; however, it was rebuilt again and again. Lastly, it was rebuilt in 1947 after Vallabhbhai Patel visited it for integration of Junagadh and plan for restoration. The shrine is now looked after by the Shree Somnath Trust, which maintains the entire complex of the temple and its surroundings. Somnath is also believed to be the place where Krishna put an end to his 'leela' on earth and left for the heavenly abode.

Places to Visit

Visited by plenty of tourists, there are many places in Somnath other than the main Somnath Temple:

Triveni Sangam: The Triveni Ghat has been frequently mentioned in the Vedas and Purans. It literally means 'the holy confluence of three rivers' - Kapila, Hiran and Saraswati. Its confluence with the ocean is also a sacred 'moksha tirtha' (salvation pilgrimage) for Hindus. It also finds mentions in the Mahabharata, as it is believed that the Pandavas had visited the place to take a holy bath and built five temples of Lord Shiva here too. Temples like Lakshminarayan temple and Gita Mandir are located on the banks of the ghat.

Shree Parshuram Temple: It is a temple dedicated to Lord Parshuram and located on the banks of Triveni. As per Skand Purana, this was the place where Lord Parshuram carried out his long penance and was relieved from the curse of killing a Kshatriya by Lord Somnath. There are two ancient kunds in the premises of the temple.

Gita Mandir: This temple is also located on the banks of the Triveni Sangam Ghat. There are 18 marble pillars in the temple on which the divine shlokas from Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta are engraved in Sanskrit.

Bhalka Teerth: Bhalka Teerth is situated a few kilometres away from the main Somnath Temple. There is a story behind the temple that it was the place where Lord Krishna was hit by an arrow that was shot by a hunter, Jara. It is believed that after this incidence, Krishna left the earth for the heavenly abode. This act has been referred as Shri Krishn Neejdham Prasthan Leela in the Purans.

Shree Shashibhushan Mahadev and Bhidbhanjan Ganapatiji Temple: The temple is located near the Somnath-Veraval highway along the sea coast. It is believed that the hunter, Jara, who shot Lord Krishna with an arrow, had taken the aim from this place. Bhav Brihaspati, the former priest of the ancient Somnath temple, is said to have built this temple. Lord Shashibhushan (the Moon God) along with Bhidbhanjan (saviour form of Lord Ganesha) is worshipped here. As per beliefs, the Moon God was relieved here from his father-in-law's curse by the blessings of Lord Somnath.

Where to Stay

Somnath does not have any five star hotels; however, there are many budget hotels and guest houses where tourists can avail accommodation. Shree Somnath Trust also offers guest house facilities for the visitors. There is a VIP guesthouse, other guesthouses and economic dormitory maintained by the trust.

How to Reach

Tourists can reach Somnath through railways, roadways or airways. The nearest airport to this place is either Diu Airport or Porbandar Airport. Veraval in Konkan is the nearest railhead to Somnath. Luxury buses can be availed from other neighbouring cities to Somnath.


Last Updated on : May 23, 2016

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