Government and Politics of Gujarat

To begin with the Gujarat government and politics, it can be said that the Governor, appointed by the President of India, is the head of the Gujarat government and politics.

The Governor is elected as the chief speaker of the Legislative Assembly and he is supposed to address the House after every general election.

He is generally an elected candidate of the majority party, or is a candidate appointed by the Chief Minister, an important member of the Gujarat government and politics.

Chief Ministers of Gujarat

The Chief Minister of Gujarat is the head of the state government and politics. Although the he is answerable to the Gujarat Governor, yet the office of the Gujarat Chief Minister is vested with the maximum power. Gujarat Chief Minister is elected through a general election, and the party that gets the majority, nominates its head as the subsequent post of the Chief Minister.

It is noteworthy that Narendra Modi has been the longest serving Chief Minister of Gujarat. In 2002, he took his oath as the Chief Minister and had been the undisputed master of Gujarat government and politics until 2014. Modi resigned from his post as the CM of Gujarat; as he took the oath for the position as the Prime Minister of India on 26 May 2014, post his massive win in the 2014 General Elections.

Ministries and Departments of Gujarat

In order to facilitate the smooth functioning of the state, the Gujarat government has commissioned a number of ministries and departments. The purpose of these ministries and departments is to undertake many functions and execute them under the periphery of the Gujarat government and politics. Gujarat government is known for its consistency throughout its history. It is a constituent whole of different departments that is maintained for the sake of the efficient working of the government.

Some of the important departments of the Gujarat Government are:
  • Governor
  • Chief Minister
  • Council of Ministers
  • MLAs
  • Collectorate
  • Secretariat
  • District Development Officer
  • Circuit House
  • Boards and Corporations, etc.

These government departments work unanimously so that stability is maintained in the working pattern of the government.

The Gujarat Governor is the executive and legislative head of the state and he or she is appointed by the President of India for a term of 5 years.


Last Updated on : September 19, 2014