Kerala Municipal Administration

On the basis of 73rd and 74th amendments acts of the Constitution, The Panchayati Raj and the Municipality Act became effective on the 23rd of April and 30th of May 1994 respectively. This resulted in the decentralization of powers and responsibilities and projects of the Government were transferred to the local self-government on 2nd October, 1995.

The Kerala Municipalities Act of 1994, an integrated Act for the Municipalities and Corporations in the State laid out the constitution of the Town Panchayats, Municipalities and Municipal Corporation. The state of Kerala has 54 Municipalities and 5 Municipal Corporations.

The administration of the Kerala Municipalities and the Municipal Corporations is carried out by the Department of Municipal Administration currently known as Department of Urban Affairs. This department was established in 1962 after splitting up the former Department of Local bodies into the Department of Panchayats and the Department of Municipalities. This Department of Municipal Administration is under the authority of the Local Administration Department of the Government of Kerala.

The supervising and the controlling Officer of the Municipal Corporation or the Municipal Councils is the Director of Urban affairs.

The Government delegates certain powers to the Director who heads the Department of Urban Affairs and acts as the controlling authority of all the urban local bodies.

This Department acts as a coordinating agency and implements the schemes under Five Year Plan, Developmental schemes and the Payment of grant-in-aid and so on. The Department exercises statutory administrative power over the Corporations related to the Kerala Cattle Trespass Act 1961 and Kerala Hackney Carriage Act 1963.

Authorized by the various Acts the five Corporations and the53 Municipalities in the state of Kerala levy and collect taxes.

The Municipalities of Kerala is empowered to chalk out plans for the all- round social and economic development of the urban areas. Thus the urban local bodies in a way represent the miniature form of Government that performs varied functions and services for the welfare of the people.

Last Updated on 12/31/2012