Power Projects in India

Power projects of India maps make you familiar with the various power projects and power plants that are based in India.

Nuclear Power Plants in India

Following thermal, hydroelectric, and wind power, nuclear power ranks as the fourth biggest source of electrical energy in India. In 2010, the country had 19 nuclear power plants in use, producing 4,560 MW of power. At the same time, four other nuclear power plants are in the process of building. All of them are anticipated to produce an extra 2,720 MW. The major nuclear power plants in India are listed below:

Power station Establishment Date Operator District State Region Location Reactor (MW)units Installed Capacity (MW)
Narora Atomic Power Station 01/01/91 NPCIL Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh Northern Narora 220 x 2 440
Tarapur Atomic Power Station 10/28/69 NPCIL Thane Maharashtra Western Tarapur 160 x 2, 540 x 2 1400
Rajasthan Atomic Power Station 12/16/73 NPCIL Chittorgarh Rajasthan Northern Rawatbhata (100 x 1, 200 x 1, 220 x 4) 1180
Kakrapar Atomic Power Station 05/06/93 NPCIL Surat Gujarat Western Kakrapar 220 x 2 440
Madras Atomi c Power Station 01/24/84 BHAVINI Kancheepuram Tamil Nadu Southern Kalpakkam 500 x 1 500
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant November 20, 1988 (ratified by the Prime Minister), January 14, 2004 Functional NPCIL Tirunelveli Tamilnadu Southern Kudankulam 1000 x 2 2000
Madras Atomic Power Station 01/24/84 NPCIL Kancheepuram Tamil Nadu Southern Kalpakkam 220 x 2 440
Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant 11/16/00 NPCIL Uttara Kannada Karnataka Southern Kaiga 220 x 4 660

Thermal Power Plants in India

The most important source of energy in India is thermal power. The country houses various categories of thermal power stations on the basis of the energy utilized to produce the steam like gas, coal, diesel, and so on. Thermal power plants produce nearly 3/4th of the electrical energy used in the country.

Thermal power plants can be broadly categorized into coal or lignite based thermal power plants, gas or liquid fuel based thermal power plants, and diesel based thermal power plants.

  1. Coal or lignite based thermal power plants in India
    Over half of the commercial power requirements of the country is satisfied via the enormous coal stores of the country. National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), a major public sector enterprise and various other state level energy producing corporations are involved in running thermal power plants with coal. Other than National Thermal Power Corporation and other state level companies, a number of privately held organizations are running the thermal power stations. As on July 31, 2010, the Coal or Lignite based thermal power plants in India had an overall installed capacity of 87093.38 MW and this has been verified by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA).

  2. Gas or liquid Fuel Based Thermal Power Plants
    Till June 30, 2011, the gas or liquid fuel based thermal power plants in the country have an overall installed capacity of 17,706.35 MW as stated by the Central Electricity Authority. This represents 10% of the overall installed capacity. The principal source of energy for majority of these plants is GAIL or Gas Authority of India Limited.

  3. Diesel based thermal power plants
    Till July 31, 2010, the diesel based power plants in India had an overall installed capacity of 1,199.75 MW (as stated by the Central Electricity Authority). Typically, the diesel powered thermal power stations are either run from isolated areas or to supply maximum load requirements.

    The Bakreshwar Power Plant is one of the most significant thermal power plants in India. It is powered by coal and has a capacity of 1050 MW and comprises five units.

Hydroelectric Power Plants in India

Hydroelectric power is also a significant source of energy and given below are the names of the prominent hydroelectric power plants in India:

Name State Operator
Tehri Dam THDC India Ltd Uttarakhand
Nagarjunasagar Andhra Pradesh APGenco
Srisailam Dam Andhra Pradesh APGenco
Baspa-II Himachal Pradesh JHPL
Sardar Sarovar Gujarat SSNNL
Bhakra Dam Punjab BBMB
Nathpa Jhakri Himachal Pradesh SJVNL
Baira Suil Himachal Pradesh NHPC
Dehar Himachal Pradesh BBMB
Chamera-I Himachal Pradesh NHPC
Pong Himachal Pradesh BBMB
Chamera-II Himachal Pradesh NHPC
Dulhasti Jammu & Kashmir NHPC
Uri Hydroelectric Dam Jammu & Kashmir NHPC
Salal Jammu & Kashmir NHPC
Kalinadi Karnataka KPCL
Sharavathi Karnataka KPCL
Idukki Kerala KSEB
Loktak Manipur NHPC
Omkareshwar Madhya Pradesh NHPC
Koyna Maharashtra MahaGenco
Indira Sagar Madhya Pradesh NHPC
Teesta-V Sikkim NHPC
Rangeet NHPC Sikkim
Dhauliganga-I Uttarakhand NHPC
Tanakpur Uttarakhand NHPC
Loharinag Uttarakhand NTPC

Which are the major Wind Power Plants in India?

Given below are the names of the major wind power plants in India:
  • Vankusawade Wind Park Satara District - Maharashtra
  • Kayathar Subhash Kayathar Tamil nadu
  • Cape Comorin Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu
  • Muppandal Wind Muppandal Tamil Nadu
  • Ramakkalmedu Ramakkalmedu Kerala
  • Puthlur RCI Puthlur Andhra Pradesh
  • Gudimangalam Gudimangalam Tamil Nadu
  • Chennai Mohan Chennai Tamil Nadu
  • Lamda Danida Lamda Gujarat
  • Jamgudrani MP Dewas Madhya Pradesh
  • Perungudi Newam Perungudi Tamil Nadu
  • Jogmatti BSES Chitradurga District Karnataka
  • Kethanur Wind Farm Kethanur Tamil Nadu
  • Perungudi Newam Perungudi Tamil Nadu
  • Muppandal Madras Muppandal Tamil Nadu
  • Hyderabad APSRTC Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
  • Shalivahana Wind Tirupur Tamil Nadu
  • Poolavadi Chettinad Poolavadi Tamil Nadu

Last Updated on 28 September 2011