About Margao

About Margao refers to all the historical and geographical facts of the city of Margao. Margao city located in Goa is known to be the commercial capital of the state. Margao also known as Madgaon is one of th oldest cities of Goa. Margao has a rich history to boast about.

During the pre-independence period ancient Margao was known to be the temple town of th country. Much before the Portuguese colonizers settled down in this part of the country this region was home to innumerable temples. From the time the Portuguese settlers strengthened their base in Margao most of the Hindu temples were destroyed. Christianity was propagated and a multitude of churches were established.

The important geographical facts of Margao are its population, location and climate. The total population is 78,393 according to 2001 census. The total land area of the place is 3,702 square kilometers. 51% of the population are males and 49% are females. The average literacy rate of Margao is 76%. The local inhabitants of Margao are highly cultured and religious in nature. Most of the Margao people are Christians and their lifestyle reflects the erstwhile Portuguese culture.

Margao situated on the southern region of Goa has a maritime kind of a climate as it is closely located to the seas. This place is home to magnificent churches built in Portuguese style. Margaon is an extremely clean city that abounds in lush green vegetation. The best time to visit the city is from the month of October to February.

Last Updated on 20 September 2011