Margao Location

Margao location refers to the actual position of the city in the state of Goa. It is located in the southern region of Goa state and enjoys a cool climate due to its closeness to the Arabian Sea. It is one of the most commercial cities in the state of Goa. Since Margao lies on the coastal region of the country innumerable beaches dot this paradisaical land. Due to the strategic location of Margao, it is one of the most attractive places for settlement. Thus, large expanses of land property are being sold out at a surprisingly high rate. It is 273 miles away from the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai. The neighboring regions of Margao are Ponda, Mapusa, Vasco-da-Gama and Panaji. Goa is divided into Northern and Southern regions having their head offices at Margao and Panaji.

Last Updated on 20 September 2011