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Margao Information contains the essential data on the city. The information about Margao comprises of selective data that are essential for the citizens of the region as well as the visitor of the city.

Margao facts contain essential information on the geographical and demographical features of the city. The city of Margao is located in the Salcete Taluka. It is situated at a distance of 33 kilometers from the capital city of Panaji. Margao is one of the biggest cities of the state and is populated by 72000 people. Along with being the administrative center of the district of South Goa, the city is also a commercial and industrial center of the district. The booming tourism industry of the city contributes heavily to the state exchequer.

Although the salubrious climate of the city of Margao benefits tourism all round the year, the best time to visit the city of Margao is between the months of October and March.

The tourists may enjoy Margao shopping in the various shopping centers of the city. The chief market of the city lies by the railway station. The tourists may collect local artifacts as souvenirs of the city. The tourists may purchase the collectibles from the curio shops and emporiums situated in the center of the city. The small shacks along the beaches near Margao also sell the local artifacts.

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Last Updated on 20 September 2011