Margao Facts

Margao facts reveal the important information about the city that are essential knowledge for the tourists as well as the citizens of the city. The facts about Margao contain essential data on the geographical features of the city.

Margao is an important and commercial hub of the district of South Goa. The city has an emerging industrial and commercial sector. The flourishing tourism industry in the region also contributes heavily to the coffer of the exchequer of the state.

The city is one of the biggest cities of the state of Goa. Although the Portuguese had an encompassing influence on the region, the city is dominated by a majority of the followers of the Hindu religion. Various temples dot the city of Margao. Reminiscence of the Portuguese regime can be found in the churches that were constructed during the colonial period.

Some of the important facts of Margao are listed below:

  • STD Code: 08342

  • Languages Spoken: Konkani, English, Hindi

  • Currency: Indian Rupee

  • Best Time to Visit: October to March

    Last Updated on 20 September 2011