District Maps of Meghalaya

East Garo Hills District Map East Khasi Hills District Map Jaintia District Map Ri Bhoi District Map
East Garo Hills District MapEast Khasi Hills District MapJaintia District MapRi Bhoi District Map
South Garo Hills District Map West Garo Hills District Map West Khasi Hills District Map
South Garo Hills District MapWest Garo Hills District MapWest Khasi Hills District Map

In the northeast part of India lies Meghalaya - "the Abode of Clouds". It is a beautiful mountainous state in the eastern sub-Himalayan region. The districts of Meghalaya are home for many tribal people of our country. It's the native soil of the Khasi, Jaintias and Garo tribes. The western region is inhabited by Garo tribe, the Jaintias tribe in the eastern region and the central region by Khasi tribe.

Meghalaya has a total number of Seven Districts. Each district is further divided into sub-divisions and blocks. The Deputy Commissioner is the head of each district.

East Garo Hills district - (Area - 2603 km2, Population - 317,618) Its headquarters is Williamnagar. It is divided in 5 administrative division blocks. It houses the Nokrek National Park.

East Khasi Hills district - (Area - 2752 km2, Population - 824,059) Its headquarters is Shillong and is the most populated district. It is divided in 8 administrative division blocks.

Jaintia Hills district - (Area - 3819 km2, Population - 392,852) Its headquarters is Jowai and the district possesses charming natural beauty. It is divided in 5 administrative division blocks.

Ri-Bhoi district - (Area - 2378 km2, Population - 258,380) Its headquarters is Nongpoh. It is divided in 3 administrative division blocks and is the second least populated district.

South Garo Hills district - (Area - 1850 km2, Population - 142,574) Its headquarters is Baghmara It is divided in 4 administrative division blocks and is the least populated district.

West Garo Hills district - (Area - 3714 km2, Population - 642,923) Its headquarters is Tura. It is divided in 8 administrative division blocks and is the second most populated district.

West Khasi Hills district - (Area - 5247 km2, Population - 385,601) Its headquarters is Nongstoin. . It is divided in 6 administrative division blocks and houses the Langshiang Falls, the third highest falls in India.

List of Districts in Meghalaya

Sr. No.DistrictDistrict HQPopulation (2011)GrowthSex RatioLiteracyArea (km2)Density (/km2)
1East Garo HillsWilliamnagar3179170.268797273.952603121
2West Garo HillsTura6432910.240998467.583714173
3North Garo HillsResubelpara******
4South Garo HillsBaghmara1423340.409594571.72185077
5South West Garo HillsAmpati******
6East Jaintia HillsKhliehriat******
7West Jaintia HillsJowai3951240.321101361.643819103
8East Khasi HillsShillong8259220.2496101184.152752292
9South West Khasi HillsMawkyrwat******
10West Khasi HillsNongstoin3834610.295398077.87524773

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