Beyond Limits, Art Exhibition

Art is an expression, it is an expression of your spirit

Having disabilities for some is the end of the road, having disabilities for many is a challenge which is definitely not insurmountable.  Family of Disabled (FoD) works with both sets of people. With those who believe that their disability is the end of their lives, FoD ensures that it encourages and enables them to get out of their depression and skills them to be on their own and to those who believe that they have what takes to cross the chasm of disability, FoD believes in direct action and helps them cover that last mile quickly.

Beyond Limits Art and Sculpture Exhibition is a celebration of the spirit which keeps these wonderful people going forward and taking the world head on, the same world which is indifferent and cruel at times. This year’s edition is the 11th edition  and has 50 artists from various parts of India exhibiting their differently visualised and brilliantly executed art works. This edition has 11 artists who are exhibiting their work for the first time. Some of the artists are speech and hearing impaired; a couple of them suffer from dwarfism; some have amputations and a few have cerebral palsy. All artists, all united by FoD’s endeavour to give them an equal opportunity to rise and shine, to express themselves and to make this world a better place by interpretations of their expressions.

A piece of art doesn’t reflect religion, region, gender, disability, economic status, education or language spoken or lack of ability to speak, a piece of art is a piece of art, period. FoD is hundred percent committed to the same yardstick when selecting an artist’s work or empaneling an artist work in its repertoire.

Beyond Limits was inaugurated yesterday and artworks would remain on display till 8th December from 11 am to 7 pm everyday at Arpana Art Gallery, Siri Fort Institutional Area, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi. You can also contact organisers at 9811792505.