ICT Revolutionises System of Education

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a very vital and significant role across the whole world in every aspect of human activity. This emerging technology not only has a key role in education and training but has also enhanced scope for sharing knowledge all over the globe. Information and Communication Technology has given education a whole new meaning as this evolving technology has already challenged stereotyped and conventional way of educational system.

As knowledge is considered to be the primary root for the development of a country in every sphere, Information and Communication Technology plays a very crucial role in shaping of students for information rich life. ICT has completely transformed the education scenario as the learning process today has become more interesting and creative for the students who can learn their lessons in more collaborative and interactive environment.

Information and Communication Technology provides unlimited resources to the students. The computer is considered by the learners as a very effective tool which can be utilized in every field of their studies anytime and anywhere.

Distance learning courses

Application of audio visuals in education is very useful as it has been found through several studies by the researchers that if the learning process takes place simultaneously by listening and visually observing then the information which is received can be retained more than in case of single method. The data and information which the students gather through the internet is completely accurate and up-to-date.

Information and Communication Technology is very much beneficial for the students who are doing distance learning courses. It has opened up new opportunities for those students who cannot attend regular classes for whatever reasons of their own. Uses of multimedia and interactive sessions have facilitated the students who have enrolled themselves in distance learning courses. Now students can learn sitting at home which saves travel time and other costs.

Today the students are facilitated with global interactions provided by the Information and Communication Technology which helps them to come out of the monotonous routine work. Actually today’s education system has completely got a new makeover by the impact of ICT as teacher centred teaching has been transformed into student centred learning. ICT has a major role to play in formal and non-formal education which is very much beneficial not only for the students and parents but for the universities also.

India is a highly populated country which has the third largest education system in the whole world with more than 500 universities and 3,000 colleges where ICT can be of great use as it can reach out to the masses. There will be a great change in the country’s education system if the ICT is properly applied with creative learning procedures where the students can acquire skill-based knowledge and expertise in reasoning, effective communication, thinking in a modern way, digital literacy and etc.

Advantages of using ICT in education

For this Information and Communication Technology should be implemented from the school level itself and parrot-fashion learning should be reduced. There are some advantages of using ICT in education:

  1. Technological, economical, scientific information and global awareness are developed through ICT.
  2. Interpersonal skills are developed as ICT induces effective communication skills.
  3. Innovative thinking emerges when students get exposed to the outer world and they can manage and plan results very effectively.

The technology driven education system has certain other benefits like the learning process becomes informal, active, student driven and not time dependent. Full participation of the students take place where individual contribution is fixed and the development of the students are examined all through.

ICT should be made indispensable for our education system as this is the need of the hour which has a high ability for providing solutions to the obstacles faced by our education system. Information and Communication Technology should be made compulsory as the majority of the population in India is young and it is essential that they should be given the right kind of education.

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