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Tahir Qureshi

I did my schooling from St. Xavier’s High School, Delhi followed by Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature, Masters in English Literature (MA English) and Post Graduate diploma in Mass Communications. I am a journalist by profession having started my career with electronic media in the late 90’s and gradually switching over to print, web, and social in that order. I like to spend my spare time either writing, social networking, watching selected videos, songs, with Pink Floyd, Guns n Roses, R.E.M., U2, Wham!, George Michael, Michael Jackson, and Ali Haider being my all time favorites. Of course the good old Bollywood school forms an integral part as well. I had been a vocalist (western/Indian) too up till my student days and still like to croon or hum around. I would say that I am an artist with a scientific bent of mind. just an average guy! i am extremely passionate about media and simply love the English language.