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A Million Miles
A Million Miles
 A Million of blogs on Automobiles on internet
A Million Miles for Automobiles

Looking for news on the recent developments in the Automobile Industry? Or information on the latest launches and tests taking place. Need to see what the petro-heads and piston-heads are trending and where? Forget TV Shows and Bookstores or magazines, the internet is where you need to be.

There are more than 10 million blogs on the internet writing about automobiles and everything related to them.

Though when you consider that there are nearly 1.2 billion automobiles being driven on our planet it makes more sense to have that many people around making it a passion, a profession and a way of life to learn about these automobiles by –¬† reading, following, test driving and doing just about anything that can be done with them – and sharing their knowledge through millions of columns, posts, articles, online magazines, videos, and more, with the rest of the world.

There are blogs that cover almost every topic or popular trend related to automobiles –¬†blogs that are specifically motorcycle and motorcycle enthusiast driven, to blogs that trend on motorsports and racing news. There are separate online magazines for spare parts and aftermarket products online and the online stores retailing them. There are race-car blogs, online rally magazines, to travel and experience columns where the bloggers/authors write about their travels through the world and the motorcycles and cars they’ve driven. Some of these articles and posts are detailed long-term reviews of a popular motorcycle or car, or a recent fresh launch of either.

One of the oldest and amongst the most popular automobile blogs on the net is Autoextremist.com. Founded as a weekly online magazine, shelling out news, commentary, analytical articles on the automotive world, and one of the most popular and profitable businesses of all – motorsports. From just a weekly read for automotive enthusiasts and professionals both within and outside the world of automobiles and motor racing.

There are forums for biker enthusiasts, car enthusiasts, automobile enthusiasts alike, truckers, bike specific clubs where owners of a popular and somewhat exclusive models share issues, experiences and even organise rides and events together. The most popular enthusiast blog turned page turned community in India being – Xbhp, founded by Motographer and motorcycling enthusiast -Sundeep Gajjar. The name Xbhp is now at home in every enthusiast’s lingo, where “X” is an unknown quantity and “bhp” stands for a unit to measure the power dissipated from the engine – brake horse power. The name clearly stating that irrespective of the number of horses propelling their ride, all enthusiasts – car, bike and truck alike, are welcome to join and be a part of their page/community.

Amongst the top Indian automobile blogs is Indian Autos Blog. Initiated in July 2008, Shravan Raja and his two Auto enthusiast friends – the first two readers of the blog as well, Indian Autos Blog records a million readers every month checking out their posts and pages and promoting quite some activities on their forums

In the same league is Car blog India, founded in the month of September, also in the year 2008. Already one of the top 10 online automobile publication in India, they have quite a bagful of goodies to offer. They have over 8000 subscribers and more than 16000 facebook followers and their official Youtube channel has over 34.5 lakh video views.

Other popular Indian blogs include Motoroids India, and Motorbeam.com which are run by young enthusiasts who actively travel, explore, ride/drive their heart out, play with almost any and every big toy in the market they get their hands on, and blog their hearts out to their equally enthusiastic readers and followers.

Recently trending and growing pretty well with popularity and number of views and shares on youtube, facebook and other social media are video bloggers. They cover the latest trends and followings in the Automobile industry and test drive/ride some of the latest offerings in the Indian Automobile market and share the same with well edited feature videos complete with sound effects graphics and descriptive monologues by the anchors.

For any one and every one looking for information on almost anything, especially automotive enthusiasts and followers of the trends of the automotive world, the Internet is the place to be, where the fore-mentioned and many other passion driven writers/authors/bloggers/videographers are setting whats trending, actively.