Hero Electric Introduces a Range of New E-Scooters

Hero Electric Introduces a Range of New E-Scooters
Hero Optima ER and Nyx ER Scooters
Hero Electric Introduces a Range of New E-Scooters
Hero Optima ER and Nyx ER Scooters

Hero Electric recently launched the Optima ER and Nyx ER scooters in the Indian two-wheeler market. They are a brand new offering in an all new electric range of scooters. The scooters are priced at Rs. 68,721 for Optima ER and Rs. 69,574 for Nyx ER. These ex–showroom prices are applicable all over India except in the North–East. The price range differs a bit there – the Optima ER cost is Rs. 71,543 and the Nyx ER cost is Rs. 72,566.

Advantage of E-scooters

The ‘ER’ at the end in the name of both the scooters stands for “Extended Range”. By coining the term Extended Range, Hero Electric is laying its claim to an expanded battery range. They achieved this milestone by equipping the vehicles with dual–lithium ion batteries. The double batteries can charge up to 100% in just about four hours. Hero Electric ensures a range of over 100 km on a full charge, and a battery life of at least five years, if the scooter is treated with care and given proper maintenance. In addition, Lithium ion batteries are more efficient and safer for the environment, last longer and are lighter than other batteries.

The Optima ER targets college students and office going people who find two wheeler commutes convenient and time saving, but need a relief from having to pay for tank refills. The Nyx ER was on the other hand, developed keeping in mind small businesses like e–commerce delivery services or e–rentals etc.

Style and speed

The Optima ER has a spacious comfortable seat, aerodynamic body and stylish wheels with telescopic suspension. Its top speed is 40 km per hour, travel range is 55 km per full charge and a battery capacity of 48V/28Ah. Its wheel size is 16 by 3 inches and its weighs up to 72.5 Kg.

The Nyx ER has specifications similar to Optima ER, with 40 km per hour top speed and 50 km range per charge, battery of 48V/28Ah capacity and it weighs about 77 kg. Nyx ER also has telescopic suspension similar to Optima ER. The difference is in appearance, as it has an extended footboard, grab rail and foldable seat.

Financially attractive option

Hero Electric wants to offer the best of its products to all their customers. With most feedback being about the range and the anxiety associated with e–scooters, the Nyx ER and Optima ER have been designed to deliver high performance and usability, which addresses their major concerns. Hero Electric is confident that customers will appreciate these additions alongside the FAME II financial benefits that have made the range even more affordable. The company says that it expects the lowered GST rates to mark the entire range of its electric vehicles as more attractive for customers who want to adopt a cleaner & greener option and prefer the environment friendly mode of transport.

Other than the exciting launch of these new e–scooters, Hero Electric has announced the opening of a new corporate office in Bangalore. This decision was made to increase the company’s presence in South India. They plan to increase the number of touch points from the current 615 to 1000 by the end of next year. Hero Electric will also move to increase its production of electric scooters to five lakh units per year. This decision was taken keeping in mind Indian Government’s incentive to push for faster introduction and adoption of electric vehicles in India.

Hero Electric was established in the year 1956, by late Mr. Dayanand Munjal with a vision of providing mobility to millions of people in India. Since then it has become a leading world – renowned brand in the automobile industry.

Clean and green technology

A market leader in Indian electric two–wheeler industry since the past 10 years, it takes pride in its mission “No Emission” under which the company is making a world wide range of electric vehicles so as to make the country greener and the best in zero pollution transportation.

The company started the production of its own electric two–wheelers from the year 2007, from its facility near Ludhiana, Punjab. Hero Electric is an SA 8000 certified organization. SA 8000 is an auditable certification that shows an organization as an environmentally conscious, responsible and professionally ethical entity in all its business endeavours.

The Indian government under the guidance of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced various measures in the 2019 union budget to make India a global manufacturer of electric vehicles or EVs. The government announced an exemption from custom duties for lithium – ion batteries, income tax rebates of up to Rs 1.5 lakhs on interest paid on loans and a total of Rs 2.5 lakhs over the entire period of loan for the purchase of electric vehicles. Other than various steps taken to kick start the sales and manufacturing of zero emission vehicles, the centre has also asked the State governments and Union Territories to introduce more electric vehicles in the public transport sector. The states had also been asked to come up with steps by the end of August to promote faster integration of EVs into the Indian automotive market.

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