Jawa’s Much Awaited Perak, and First-ever, Entry Level Performance Electric Motorcycle by Ultraviolette

Jawa's Much Awaited Perak, and First-ever, Entry Level Performance Electric Motorcycle by Ultraviolette
New Bikes in India - Jawa Perak Bobber and Ultraviolette F77
Jawa's Much Awaited Perak, and First-ever, Entry Level Performance Electric Motorcycle by Ultraviolette
New Bikes in India – Jawa Perak Bobber and Ultraviolette F77

Jawa Perak Bobber

The Jawa Perak bobber has been finally launched last week and is the company’s third and final offering to the Indian two wheeler market, for this year.


Powered by a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, BSVI compliant engine with 334 cubic centimetres of displacement, the Perak produces thirty horsepower, and thirty one Newton-metres of torque. The engine on the Perak gets a little more displacement than its two other siblings. With a larger bore for the same stroke length, the power ratio is slightly raised giving it more power than Jawa’s parallel offerings. The subframe on the bobber is also different along with the rear monoshock suspension. Braking comes courtesy Single discs, both on the front and rear, with dual channel abs.


Styling is also different, with its low stance and slightly longer wheelbase. The chrome has been swapped out for an all black makeover in matte finish. The shape of the end canisters on the exhaust, the floating single seat, trimmed mudguards, and bar-end mirrors, all scream bobber. The tool boxes are also very distinctly shaped and add to the aesthetic appeal of the Perak.

Cost to customer

The bike is priced at Rs 1.95 lakh, ex showroom, which is six thousand rupees more than its showcase tag of Rs. 1.89 lakh. This is due to the engine upgrade that the company had to facilitate in light of the BSVI mandate.

Bookings will commence from the first week of January next year, though the company plans to deliver only after a few months without any indication as to why. Purchases are like to roll out of showrooms only from the month of April and for some reason, a similar strategy was used for the other two models from the manufacturer.

Next, is a complete contrast to the conventional internal combustion engine powered retro motorcycle.

Ultraviolette F-77

The F-77 is India’s first performance electric motorcycle and has been built and launched by Ultraviolette Automotive, based in Bangalore.

The company is an electric two wheeler and energy infrastructure start-up, and has just introduced their first ever production motorcycle to the Indian market.

Power and Stability

The F-77 is powered by an air cooled electric motor which produces 25kW, equivalent to thirty-three horse power at 2250 rpm and a peak torque of ninety Newton-metre. The motorcycle does zero to sixty in under 3 seconds and up to a hundred kmph in 7.5. The company claims a top speed of 147 kmph, which is quite impressive for an electric entry-level performance bike. It comes with three power modes – Eco, Sport and Insane. The name “insane” sounds a little eccentric but is essentially the most unbridled mode of the three.

The bike is built on a steel trellis frame – quite popular with motorcycles of this genre, irrespective of their power type, and an aluminium head supported by a pair of Upside down forks. Rear end stability is managed by a pre-load adjustable monoshock absorber. It is relatively light weight, at just 158 kg on the kerb, and has a seat height of 800 mm.

Braking is handled by a 320 mm single disc at the front, and a 230 mm unit at the rear, both equipped with dual channel ABS. True to its performance category, it also gets steel braided brake lines. The front and rear wheels ride on 110/70 R17, and 150/60 R17 tyres respectively, as inspired from their internal combustion competition.

Frills and Trims

A TFT display comes standard and gets app connectivity, to give the rider access to detailed environment and ride information. The motorcycle dedicated application is expected to be one of the most sophisticated and intelligent systems of its kind, available on a motorcycle being sold in the Indian market. Through this app the bike would be able to map power and torque deliver, braking force and also the lean angle while going into corners.

How much

The F-77 gets three distinct variants named, F-77 Lightning, F-77 Shadow, and the F-77 Laser priced from rupees 3 lakh to rupees 3.25 lakh in the order.


The motor gets its juice from a 4.2 kWh lithium ion battery which comes in a pack of three slim units. Each unit takes approximately 5 hours to achieve a full charge on the standard charging adapter provided by the company. The bike however uses one or more of the battery units’ power, based on its optimum requirement for the mode it is required to run in. A full charge gives the bike a range of 150 kms. The bike also gets a DC fast charger that takes less than a third of the time it takes the standard charger to fully power the battery set. The F-77’s battery comes with a detailed list of safety precautions, power management features and instructions. Some of these features are patented technologies of Ultraviolette Automotive.

The company will also provide crash guards, pannier cases and a spare, differently-styled visor, as accessories.

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