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Recreational Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles

For all those who happen to have a couple of million dollars lying around and are thinking of the best ways to put them to use, here’s an idea as to how they can have the satisfaction of their money being well spent and acquire a possession that is both exquisite, unique and capable of inducing nothing but pure envy and admiration when they roll by in it.

Recreational vehicles have, in substance, been around for over a century. Although back in the old days they were horse drawn, rather than engine propelled and were more of goods carriers for gypsies and others with a more nomadic style of living, recreational vehicles have, over a hundred years,  journeyed to being some of the most desired “must haves” for millionaires around the globe.

The transformation of the RV from being just a caravan to actually being tailored for a small family to live inside, equipped with bed, bath and living space took place in North America, where it acquired other names like camper, mobile home, motor home etc.

A recreational vehicle generally includes a kitchen, a bathroom and one or few sleeping facilities. Other custom features include a hot tub, a dining room, a desk and a vanity closet. Most RVs are single-deck, however double-deck RVs also exist.

RVs can also be defined as motor vehicles or in some cases – towable trailers that are intended for vacationing or camping. They can be found in RV parks or camp-grounds. Most cities have places that provide RV rental facilities for tourists. They are occasionally used as mobile offices for business travellers and often include added features such as an extra desk space, an up-graded electrical system, satellite internet etc. For some people, RVs serve as permanent travelling homes. In North America, people who live in their RVs are called full timers.

One of the most popular and recently come to life, Recreational vehicles is the Vantare Platinum plus, made by Featherlite luxury coaches. Before anything else is said it is important to note that this is nowhere even close tobeing a regular RV. In the category of mobile homes, it is a mansion on wheels.

Built from a prevost bus shell, one can find materials of the purest luxury adorning the interior space 0f this RV. Rare Inca marble, copper, pearlized Italian leather, sapele pommele from Africa, Swarovski crystal, suede, schonbek crystal, antique bronze, and onyx are only to name a few.

This rolling feat of exquisite grandeur comes pre-equipped with a kitchenette fit for a five-star gourmet chef that contains a stainless steel dishwasher, subzero refrigerator freezer, and all-important appliances. Inside, is a master bedroom with a king-sized bed with a fifty-inch plasma television that lifts out of the floorboard, a bathroom that has its hardware brought in from France, a malbar washer and dryer, and if that just isn’t enough, there’s a built in treadmill in the closet, with a 13-inch LCD TV that disappears behind the mirror. The cockpit has state-0f-the-art equipment with an Avic N2 GPS with real-time traffic and weather alerts.

It has been a tradition for kings and royals to travel with their steed and the Vantare Platinum plus hosts a garage slide out compartment on the outside, for the corporate royals of the day who simply cannot bear to part with their million dollar cars. The slide out garage comfortably fits a sports car and is also a must since high rollers can never be “too extravagant”.  It also has a gasoline tank with a whopping capacity of 235 gallons, more than eight hundred litres of fuel.

All this luxury comes at a not-so-steep price (and I am talking millionaires only – for most of us it is a leap ahead of our life savings) of 2.5 million dollars, clearly the world’s most expensive RV.

In India, some of the coolest  RV customizations can be found at DC Design – a few of which have been exclusively done for Bollywood celebrities. They no doubt cost a bomb, but for those who have the world running behind them and their money (metaphorically) falling from the sky, it is not really a big deal. And the insides of their RVs or vanity vans for some are truly fascinating in terms of built and the luxury they have to offer.