The Wearable GoPros – For Jaw-Dropping Videos

The Wearable GoPros
The Wearable GoPros

The Wearable GoPros

There are inventions that bring about big changes in the industry they’re brought into. There are ideas that revolutionize the way industries function. There are innovations that completely change the rules of progress, and upgrades that are years ahead of their time. And then, there is “go pro”.

Sometimes, people are well aware of the numerous thoughts and ideas teeming with novelty and innovation bubbling in their think tanks. A few of these are changed into reality. A few are swapped for better options. The example of the day is inventor, Founder and CEO Nick Woodman of go-pro cameras – the hottest product in the world market for capturing, recording and documenting some of the most exhilarating moments in the world of adventure, sports and motor racing.

Underwater shooting

In the year 2002, while on a surfing trip with friends, and struggling to find ways of capturing their adventures in water instead of just settling in for boring shore-shots, Nick decided to put the gears in motion on the brilliant idea that had been floating around in his head for quite some time – to create a wearable camera so convenient that you forget you’ve got it on.

Over the century, ever since adventure sports and motor racing have been steadily gaining popularity of the level of a worldwide following, one of the toughest challenges was to be able to capture and record shots of individual participants and being able to set some measure of their performance including some of the most crucial moments in the sport. No matter how closely or from what intricate angle the images would be taken, or what extent of photographic skills the cameramen dispayed, it wouldn’t compare with the ability to be with the racer/sportsman and shoot from their point of view.

The silent 10-second videos

From ski poles and surf boards came the idea of testing the go pro on an actual race car and the footage post the test was absolutely amazing. With a bit of success in adventure sports, the motor racing industry “flocked” to woodman and thus began un unstoppable change revolutionizing not just the way motorsports were shot, but also the way they were viewed and experienced. Woodman jokes that the two most punishing test environments for the go pro were a surfboard, and a race car redlining at 13000 rpm and doing around 200 miles per hour on the race track. But in both the extreme cases and the million applications that map the area between the two, go-pro made all the difference that was needed.

The initial jumps from a 35mm film camera to the silent 10 second videos was quite big for Woodman and his team. And then came the leap to the 3 megapixel camera with an SD card slot and sound recording. The 170 degree wide angle lens ensured that they stay on the map. It was an experience equivalent to having a personal IMAX camera. The effect of the wide angle lens combined with the mounting system allowing the camera to be worn anywhere and everywhere made go-pro what it is now a “brand” for. Their most recent steps include the HD camera and the Hero series which delivers unbelievable quality of images and recordings making some of the most insane moments of riding a motorcycle, or going sideways in a car immortal and forever preserved by the simple click of a button.

It isn’t just professional sports or racing that the camera has its major applications in. The very name “go-pro” implies that with this brilliance of an invention anybody can pick up their bike, get in the right gear, hit the right terrain and go “professional”.

Those breath-taking ‘in-the-moment’ shots!

Motorcycle and car enthusiasts in India – the trip hungry hounds, the track smitten steeds and the adventure and thrill driven road hogs all have one common thing on their “must have” list – the go-pro camera. Some of the most unbelievable viewing angles, the most breathtaking “in the moment” shots, and the most “jaw-dropping” videos exist because of the innovation called go-pro.

Available on order online through numerous e-commercial websites and stores, and also in select adventure sport/motorcycling gear shops and dealerships in some of the major metro cities in India, at a totally affordable starting price of Rs 3-4000, go- pro is the hottest “in-thing”.

Whether you’re going for a solo ride, or a four-wheeled expedition into the mountains, pasting knee downers on a track, or simply refusing to let down the front wheel on a never ending flat road, the important thing is, if you want to keep the most amazing and the most terrifying moments of your “bliss-perience” alive, it is time to go-pro.