Summer Internships – A stepping stone towards a career

Summer Internships A stepping stone towards a career

Summer Internships-A stepping stone towards a career

Vacations in schools and colleges are approaching. Rather than staying at home and wasting your time, it’s always better to go for a summer internship. The competition is aggressively increasing leaving fewer options for us. Having multiple degrees will not be enough to survive in this competitive world. Take a moment and think about it.

Taking up internships will not only expand your skills but would also give you an exposure to the professional world. That one internship you did over summer can make a great difference between winning a job opportunity and losing it. A relevant internship experience displayed on your resume will give you a competitive edge over all the candidates applying for the same position. Employers prefer those candidates who have gained practical experience and skills during their internship.

Internships introduce students to a new career, help them in exploring different skills and prepare them for new experiences. Since they offer numerous ways to improve skills in a specific job function, internships are a great way for students to break into a new career.

Below are some options for the internships which you can opt for the summer vacations and give a new start to your career.

Content Writing

With the growth of the digital media industry, the requirement for content writers is increasing at a great pace. It is all about developing good content, which is presentable and precise. The person, who wants to build up a career in this profile, should have a good command over written English. In this profile, the person has options to work on a full-time, part-time or freelancing basis.

Graphics Designing

If you want to pursue your career in graphic designing then you need to be creative. Graphics designing is a dream job for many individuals and is a highly competitive field. You need to be aware of all the latest software available in the market. The main role of the graphic designer is to use images and texts to communicate the right information and ideas. Graphic designers can work on products including magazines, websites, books, exhibitions, product packaging, etc.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing executives look after the online marketing strategy of the organization. They engage with the public on social media and take care of the visitor’s flow to the digital sites. A person who wants to be a digital marketer must be efficient in writing blog posts. The person with excellent communication skills and good knowledge of the social media is ideal for the job.

Business Development Executive (Sales)

The job of the business development executive is to recognize sales leads, introduce new goods and services to the new clients and maintain a nice working relationship with new contacts. If you are looking for a job not just bound to the desk, then this is the right job for you. You will be spending lots of time visiting your clients. This job is available for full time, part-time or with flexible working hours.


Telecalling is a popular option among students. No specific qualification is required for applying for the internship. Telecallers are paid well and offered encouraging career growth. If you like talking to people over the phone, then this could be the right job for you.

“You need experience to get experience.”  This phrase has become the biggest challenge in the professional world. So boost up your career and resume, and grab a summer internship to gain valuable experience and develop your professional network.