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Khadi, almost synonymous to the “Fabric of Freedom”, helped India fight the British rule. In the 20th-century, it became the symbol of an open resistance against colonialism in India. And since then, Khadi has transcended from the weapon of freedom to a trendy fabric for the designers of all ages to evince their creativity. The fabric of Khadi is spun into yarn from Gandhi’s charkha which became “fundamental” to the cotton textiles in India.

Moreover, the brand Khadi is not just restricted to the fabric, it has now introduced some affordable skin care products as well. Khadi products are not only economical but also made of natural ingredients which are eco-friendly and gentle on your skin and hair.

So here is a list of some of the exotic Khadi products that you should incorporate in your daily skin and hair care routine:

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10 Khadi Products You Should Incorporate in Your Daily Routine Now!
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10 Khadi Products You Should Incorporate in Your Daily Routine Now!
Khadi Products are quite economical and are made up of natural ingredients which are essential for skin and hair. Here, we bring you a list of 10 Khadi products which one should incorporate in their daily routine for glowing skin and healthy hair. Have a look!