Effective Tips For The Perfect Hair During Monsoon

Amazing Hair care in monsoon
Amazing Hair care tips.

The monsoon season is here, and so is the season of extra care for the hair. It gets humid during the monsoon season because of the rains. The excessive humidity makes the hair dull and makes it more prone to damages. Hair-fall, dandruff, sticky hair, oily scalp-like problems increase as well. This is the time when your hair needs the utmost care.

Below are some tips for the perfect hair care routine during the monsoon:

  • Hair oil application– Regularly oiling your hair should be a must during every season of the year. Hair oil is considered the food for your hair and scalp. Warm hair oil massage will promote blood circulation, give your hair all the necessary nutrients and boost hair growth. Ingredients the hair oil consists of will provide individual benefits. Warm coconut oil with fenugreek seeds and black seeds gives you numerous advantages like: reduces dandruff, reduces hair fall, promotes hair growth, and makes flaky scalp soft. Coconut oil with onion pulp works deeply to reduce dandruff. It is recommended to oil the hair at least twice a week during the monsoon. You can apply hair oil and leave it overnight. It is best to apply the hair oil, leave it on for two hours and wash it off.
  • Hairwash – It is essential to wash your hair as soon as possible if it gets wet in the rain. The rainwater is unhealthy for the hair as the harmful particles in it cause damage to the hair. It is advisable to wash off the hair with a mild shampoo and dry it naturally.
  • Dry Hair- Keeping the hair dry during the monsoon is very important. If you sweat or your hair is wet due to other reasons, you should naturally dry your hair whenever it is wet. Try to avoid blow-dryer or other styling devices as much as possible.
  • Diet- Keep an eye on your diet as well. Try to eat protein enriched foods such as eggs, nuts and vegetables as much as possible. Foods that we consume also play an essential role in terms of the health of the hair.
  • Shampoo/Conditioner- Shampoo your hair at least thrice a week in intervals. Do not regularly use shampoos. Regular usage of shampoo makes the roots weak and causes hair fall.
  • Hair tie- Do not leave the hair open while you sleep. Remember not to tie your hair too tight.

The hair care tips mentioned might be similar to a regular routine, but it is as effective during the monsoon. So if you do not get the chance or time or don’t feel like following the hair care routine during the entire year, it must be maintained during the monsoon. Monsoon is very sensitive for the hair, so it is essential to maintain the routine during monsoon. The steps are elementary but effective.