Home Remedies for Summer Beauty Problems

Oily Skin Care in Summer Season
Oily Skin Care in Summer Season.

Summers are finally here! Time for cotton dresses, tall glasses of iced drinks, and long evenings. Summers are popularly the favourite season overwinters and attract a lot more social life and vacations. However, summers also come along with skin and hair problems that can ruin your mood and wellbeing. It is crucial to look after your body and hair while out in the hot summer sun.

Here are the most common summer worries and how to beat them to have fun:

• Frizzy hair

Humidity and dust can be your hair’s worst enemies this summer. The hot and humid summer air is absorbed by the hair cuticles that swell them. Use these home remedies to minimise frizziness.

A banana mask nourishes your hair makes them smooth and glossy it helps with unruly hair that can be tough to style.

Use apple cider vinegar on your roots. The acidic pH of ACV closes hair pores making them less prone to dry air and frizz.

• Sunburn

Everyone loves being out in the pleasant weather. But the sun can be harsh to your skin. Being out exposes us to the UV rays which burn our skin. To avoid sunburn, applying sunscreen of over 30 SPF is advisable for Indian skin tones. If you’re suffering from sunburn, aloe vera gel can be a godsend for you. Apply the gel directly on the affected skin, or you can freeze the gel in little ice cubes. The cold aloe vera ice cubes will help with the burns and give off a pleasant cooling sensation.

• Makeup melts right off

During summer, our skin perspires to maintain body temperatures. The sweat can makeup your makeup fall right off. As more and more brands come out with smudge-proof and water-proof products, it is still impossible to keep your makeup fresh. You can apply more oil-free makeup and avoid makeup with silicone in it. Retouching your makeup and using powder over the prominent areas can help you pull off a fresh face in the summer heat.

• Allergy season

With the summer season, another problem people face is the onset of allergies. Puffy eyes, scratchy throat and bloating are some common reactions to allergies. To protect yourself,

  • Take good care of washing your face frequently.
  • Splash your eyes with water to remove foreign substances.
  • Keep anti-allergy medication on hand at all times, such as Benadryl or Allegra.

Having a safe experience is most important this year, as the country slowly reopens for travelling. Keeping essentials such as masks and hand sanitisers, avoiding crowded places is a must.