5 Best Thrillers for Book Lovers

Cha Bar, Oxford Bookstore

Beginning a thriller is a journey both scary and safe at the same time. It is quite the ride, not knowing what new fiasco the protagonist will get sucked in. There is also hope that the hero will save the day, no matter the consequences or cost. The murderer was always defeated, the child rescued the family reunited. Of course, thrillers do not always find their happy end. Thrillers challenge our minds and intellect. A good book is like exercise for your brain. It will make you question and doubt everything in it.

Here is a list of five thrillers every book lover should read:

 The silent patient 

A young and successful artist is married to a handsome up-and-coming Hollywood photographer. Life seems perfect until the woman kills her husband in cold blood and goes silent. Now in a mental facility, only one doctor believes he can make her speak again.

• The shining

A couple moves into a hotel that has been closed for winters with their son. The job is to look after the hotel’s maintenance while the staff is off. They’re alone in the hotel until the hotel begins coming to life around them. The hedges grow and change their shape on their own. The hotel is haunted and bent on destroying this family. They must do everything they can to survive.

 Tell me your dreams

If there is one book that will leave emotional scars on your brain, Sydney Sheldon’s, tell me your dreams. The book follows three women who have nothing in common yet are being stalked by the same man. This disruption in their lives leads to shocking revelations that will shake you to your core—a true masterpiece by the genius of Sydney Sheldon.

• The doomsday conspiracy

A young American naval officer is tasked with finding information about an air balloon accident in Switzerland. He is just given the date of the accident, the address, and the witnesses on a bus. Upon talking to the first witness, he finds out the air balloon was an alien spaceship! This revelation leads to a chain of dangerous events. Robert must do everything he can to make it out alive.

 Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn

The epitome of what a thriller should be. Every modern thriller is compared to this masterpiece, and rightfully so. This book is a compelling read, a non-stop page-turner that will have you eagerly hanging on to each twist and turn. Nick Dunne is married to Amy, who has disappeared out of nowhere. Now it is up to the police to find out if Nick was a part of his wife’s disappearance or not. This book has also been adapted for a movie starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike; the adaptation is just as good as the book and a treat for all fans.