Best Actors of 2018 – Those Who Steal Our Hearts

2. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

He is one of few who was able to stay in the race with the reigning Khans in his time. No Picnic, really. And, he has continued his streak till date. A multi-talented actor, he sure knows how to touch hearts. He is the same guy who throws us into laughter riots with his spicy Garam Masala and made us think deep and hard with his timeless masterpieces like Oh My God. The year 2018 has been particularly interesting for the only martial artist and stuntman of the Bollywood. He managed to sway popularity early in his kitty this year with the hit Padman – a great uplift for his career and his established reputation of a philanthropist. And, we are still swaying madly in the lure of 2.0.

Now, he is in his 50s but is still easy on the eyes. And, we know in our heart, we’ll be treated with more great hits in the coming years. Growing old is for the ordinary. Our Akki is evolving.