How Entrepreneurship Impacts Our Country?

Entrepreneurial Activity Makes the Country Economically Stable

Entrepreneurial Activity Makes the Country Economically Stable

There is more to entrepreneurship than merely thinking up a business idea, which happens to be a unique one. You need a lot of passion in order to translate this into reality. Entrepreneurship is a broad dream as such, and it takes a lot to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s competitive world.

There are a few hurdles that you are likely to face in this journey. The only way that you can achieve your dream in this regard is by the sheer dint of your hard work, the quality of the idea, and your readiness to achieve your goals. India is one country that has been affected positively by this phenomenon in the last two decades or so.

Economic Development

It is not as if all entrepreneurs are from wealthy backgrounds. All of them, however, have been willing to work hard, so that they could be successful in their chosen fields. In turn, India is making all the necessary efforts that it needs in order to become balanced and developed from an economic point of view. These days, the government is also helping people establish small businesses of their own. Startup India Scheme, under the Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, easy access to loans, training programmes and other policy measures are initiatives of the government in this direction.

Such schemes are intended to help competent and visionary people give shape to their dreams, by smoothing out hurdles like investments. This is especially true for businesses in the semi-urban and rural areas. Since such schemes create more, and bigger, organizations on a regular basis, it also means that newer job opportunities are being created.


When there are more opportunities for people in the economy, it leads to people getting involved in diverse economic activities. They want to produce more output in such an environment. They become self-reliant and a lot more independent from an economic standpoint. This also means that they have to depend a lot less on others, and enjoy a greater degree of economic liberty as such.

Improving Lifestyle

More and better jobs in the market translate into higher earnings and higher disposable income. This, in turn, encourages people to lead a better standard of life than what they were used to earlier. From an overall perspective, their standard of life improves by a significant margin. Their increasing demand for goods and services creates more employment, and boosts overall income in the economy. This is how entrepreneurship plays a major role in helping people lead better lives. It is a win-win situation for one and all.

Technological Advancements

Since entrepreneurship involves an original and fresh idea, it leads to new kind of production where you need to use more advanced equipment as well as technology. This dynamism in terms of technology is beneficial to one and all, which spawns other industries and technological innovations. In the last few years, India has seen many technology-based and other startups scaling new heights, Some names that immediately come to the mind are the Future group (of Pantaloons and Big Bazaar fame), Flipkart, Cafe Coffee Day, Ola and Oyo. They have not only created more options for the average consumer, but also created thousands of jobs.


Entrepreneurship is capable of expanding the horizon and areas of expression for creative people, so that they are able to deal with the obstacles that inhibit progress in the society. Entrepreneurial activity makes the country economically stable, and contributes to the society from every possible aspect.