Lok Sabha Elections in India 2019 – Polling Phase 4

Phase 4 of Lok Sabha Elections in India 2019

Phase 4 of Lok Sabha Elections in India 2019

8.30 PM

Voter Turnout by 7 PM

The voter turnout by 7 PM is disclosed. In total, the turnout for this phase is 61.26%.

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 58.94%
Jammu And Kashmir 9.79%
Jharkhand 63.77%
Madhya Pradesh 66.14%
Maharashtra 54.55%
Odisha 64.05%
Rajasthan 65.91%
Uttar Pradesh 54.61%
West Bengal 76.59%


6.30 PM

Voter Turnout by 6 PM

The voter turnout by 6 PM is disclosed.

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 53.67%
Jammu And Kashmir 9.79%
Jharkhand 63.42%
Madhya Pradesh 65.86%
Maharashtra 51.02%
Odisha 64.05%
Rajasthan 62.86%
Uttar Pradesh 53.12%
West Bengal 76.47%


6.00 PM

EC Orders FIR against Babul Supriyo

The EC has yet again ordered the police to file an FIR against a polling candidate. This time it is against Babul Supriyo. Allegedly he was threatening a polling officer and an agent. Reportedly, he also trespassed in a polling booth. Supriyo is a Union minister and a BJP candidate from Asansol.


5.30 PM

Voter Turnout by 5 PM

The voter turnout is disclosed by 5 PM.

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 44.33%
Jammu And Kashmir 9.37%
Jharkhand 57.13%
Madhya Pradesh 57.77%
Maharashtra 42.24%
Odisha 53.11%
Rajasthan 54.52%
Uttar Pradesh 44.95%
West Bengal 66.46%


5.15 PM

Voting Stopped at a Booth in UP

In Uttar Pradesh, polling has been stopped at Kanpur Dehat booth. The reason behind this is the faults in EVMs. The voting has been stopped for the last hour at Kanpur Dehat’s booth number 374.


4.45 PM

TMC Workers Accused of Stalling the Voters

In Krishnanagar Lok Sabha constituency, workers of Trinamool Congress have been accused of stalling the voters in Nadia part. Allegedly, they have also stopped people from voting in  Nakasi Para area’s booth number 162.


4.30 PM

Gautam Gambhir Accused of Poll Violation

Atishi Marlena, an East Delhi candidate of AAP, has accused her rival from BJP, Gautam Gambhir, of a poll violation. She has alleged that Gambhir distributed pamphlets which did not have details like the name of the printer. She has also written to the EC regarding filing an FIR against him.


4.15 PM

Voter Turnout by 4 PM

The voter turnout is disclosed by 4 PM.

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 44.23%
Jammu And Kashmir 8.42%
Jharkhand 56.37%
Madhya Pradesh 55.30%
Maharashtra 41.16%
Odisha 51.54%
Rajasthan 54.19%
Uttar Pradesh 44.16%
West Bengal 66.01%


4.00 PM

EC Orders Filing FIR against 2 BJP Leaders

The Election Commission has ordered to file FIRs against 2 BJP candidates, namely Kalyan Chaubey (Krishnanagar) and Kumar Mondal (Birbhum). Both of these were caught talking on the phone while they were inside the polling booth. They have also been accused of vote rigging.


3.45 PM

Voter Turnout by 3 PM

The voter turnout is disclosed by 3 PM.

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 37.71%
Jammu And Kashmir 8.19%
Jharkhand 48.14%
Madhya Pradesh 45.80%
Maharashtra 31.63%
Odisha 35.79%
Rajasthan 44.80%
Uttar Pradesh 35.84%
West Bengal 52.91%


3.30 PM

SP Changes Varanasi Candidate

The Samajwadi Party has changed its contesting candidate from the constituency of Varanasi. Earlier they have fielded Shalini Yadav. However, now her candidature has been withdrawn and given to the whistleblower BSF jawan Tej Bahadur.


3.15 PM

Hardoi Village Boycotts Election

The Hardoi village has boycotted the election. There has not been a single vote cast since morning in Sandila’s polling booth no. 234. The main reason is that there has not been much development around the block. The area of Sandila is infamous for lack of development and prostitution.


3.00 PM

Javed Akhtar Casts His Vote

This has sure been the most star-studded polling event so far. There are many yesteryear’s Bollywood celebrities contesting in the fourth phase. There are also many stars that have cast their votes today, including Priyanka Chopra, Dia Mirza, Kareena Kapoor and more. Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi too have cast their vote.


2.45 PM

Piyush Goyal Casts Vote

Piyush Goyal, the Union Minister, has cast his vote at a polling booth in Mumbai. For Maharashtra, this is the last round of polling. A total of 17 seats are going to poll from here. Out of the total, 6 are in Mumbai.


2.30 PM

Uddhav Thackeray Casts His Vote

Uddhav Thackeray, the Shiv Sena Chief, has cast his vote in a Gandhi Nagar’s polling booth. Along with him present were his son Aditya Thackeray and wife Rashmi Thackeray. They also have exercised their franchise. Poonam Mahajan (BJP) is contesting from Mumbai North Central LS.


2.15 PM

Voter Turnout Increases in Jharkhand

As the day is progressing, the voter turnout percentage is increasing in Jharkhand. There are 3  parliamentary constituencies in the state that are going for polling in this phase – Chatra,  Lohardaga, and Palamu. By 12 PM, Chatra has recorded 29.12%, Palamu 29.57, and Palamu 29.57%.


2.00 PM

Voter Turnout by 2 PM

The voter turnout is disclosed by 2 PM.

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 18.26%
Jammu And Kashmir 6.47%
Jharkhand 44.90%
Madhya Pradesh 30.10%
Maharashtra 18.60%
Odisha 19.87%
Rajasthan 29.88%
Uttar Pradesh 22.76%
West Bengal 35.45%


1.00 PM

Clashes Erupted at Anantnag, J&K

The voter turnout was already low at Anantnag Lok Sabha constituency and now on the top of that clashes have erupted between government forces and youth at Bugam and Qoimoh areas. As per the reports, the stones were pelted by the local youth at the polling booth. To calm the situation, tear gas shells were fired back at them.


12.45 PM

Former BJP Leader Accused of Capturing a Booth

As per the reports, Lalan Singh, the JD(U) spokesperson and former BJP leader, has captured a polling booth, falling under the Munger Lok Sabha constituency. Allegedly, Lakhisarai’s booth no. 313 has been under his control now. Reports also dictate that nobody for the moment has been allowed to enter the booth. In other news, Vasundhara Raje’s son Dushyant Singh is accused of threatening people at booths.


12.30 PM

Voter Turnout by 12 PM

The voter turnout is disclosed by 12 PM.

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 18.26%
Jammu And Kashmir 3.74%
Jharkhand 29.21%
Madhya Pradesh 26.62%
Maharashtra 16.47%
Odisha 19.67%
Rajasthan 29.19%
Uttar Pradesh 21.18%
West Bengal 35.10%


12.15 PM

Voters Stopped from Casting Vote in Mirzapur

In the Baharampur Lok Sabha Constituency, about 400 people were stopped from casting their votes. As per the reports, voters were stopped by some unidentified men from entering a polling booth in Mirzapur. Locals allege that it is a result of a dispute between TMC and Congress. Some report that a few houses were ravaged on Sunday’s night.


12.00 PM

Voter Turnout by 11 AM

The voter turnout has been disclosed until 11 AM. An average of 11.26% turnout has been recorded.

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 10.76%
Jammu And Kashmir 0.68%
Jharkhand 13.68%
Madhya Pradesh 14.64%
Maharashtra 6.77%
Odisha 8.48%
Rajasthan 12.54%
Uttar Pradesh 12.31%
West Bengal 46.91%


11.45 AM

Fierce Contest in Jodhpur

In Jodhpur, Vaibhav Gehlot (Congress), the son of Ashok Gehlot is contesting against union minister and sitting MP Gajendra Singh Shekhawat (BJP). This is the test of power for Ashok Gehlot as he is a newly appointed CM of Rajasthan. Meanwhile, the voting has been resumed in Asansol constituency.


11.30 AM

In UP Women Cast Vote for First Time

Some women have cast their votes for the first time in the fourth phase of Lok Sabha polls. In Lakhimpur Kheri’s village of Ganeshpur, UP, women have first time in their life exercised their franchise. These women took an oath under the voter awareness programme to cast their vote.


11.15 AM

Voter Turnout by 10 AM

The voter turnout has been disclosed for phase 4 by 10 AM.

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 10.76%
Jammu And Kashmir 0.68%
Jharkhand 12%
Madhya Pradesh 11.39%
Maharashtra 6.4%
Odisha 8.34%
Rajasthan 12.25%
Uttar Pradesh 9.87%
West Bengal 16.87%


11.00 AM

Four-way fight in Anantnag, J&K

In the Anantnag constituency of Jammu & Kashmir, there’s a four-way fight between the political leaders. Here Mehbooba Mufti (PDP), the ex-CM, is contesting against Ghulam Ahmad Mir (Congress), Sofi Yousuf (BJP), and Hasnain Masoodi (NC). The polling is crucial here. In the last phase, the constituency recorded a very poor turnout.


10.45 AM

Clashes between TMC and Personnel

Clashes have been broken out at Asansol’s polling booth number 199 between security personnel and TMC workers. This district has been witnessing tension from the start of the Lok Sabha phase 4. Even Babul Supriyo’s car has been vandalised. The video of the clash has also been posted on social media.


10.30 AM

Voting Delayed in Odisha Due to EVM Glitches

The problems in EVMs have been surfaced in Odisha. The EVM issues were also encountered in phase 2 & 3 as well. As a result, the voting has been delayed at booth numbers 243, 54, 245, 244, and 222 in Bhadrak Lok Sabha Constituency. EVM glitches have appeared at other constituencies as well.


10.15 AM

Paresh Rawal Casts His Vote

Paresh Rawal, the BJP sitting MP, has cast his vote at a Vile Parle’s polling booth. However, he is not contesting from his current Ahmedabad East Lok Sabha constituency this time. The saffron party has substituted him with Amraiwadi Hasmukh Patel, the two-term MLA from Amraiwadi. Rawal stated that “We will be idiots if we keep complaining about problems and don’t vote. It’s important to vote. I appeal to voters to come out and vote.”


10.00 AM

Voting Suspended at 2 Polling Booths in West Bengal

The voting has been suspended at two polling booths at West Bengal’s Asansol constituency. Apparently, the people have boycotted the polling at booth no. 222 and 226 due to lack of central forces there. From here, Babul Supriyo (BJP) is contesting against Moon Moon Sen (AITC). The former’s car has been ravaged by the people. Voters also have been at the receiving end of lathicharge in Jhamuria.


9.45 AM

South Mumbai Constituency May Again Have 2014 Issue

Here Milind Deora, an ex-Union Minister from Congress, is contesting elections against Arvind Savant, a sitting MP from Shiv Sena. The major concern in this constituency is the voter turnout which is quite low. This could end up as a repeat telecast of 2014 where the voter turnout was very poor.


9.30 AM

Kannauj, UP to See Well-Supported Leaders in Fray

This seat is of importance to BJP because in 2014 polls this was the only seat that the party could not win in Purvanchal. Last time the sitting MP Dimple Yadav, wife of ex-UP CM, Akhilesh Yadav was unchallenged. This time Subrat Pathak of BJP is contesting elections from here. He has had PM Narendra Modi campaign for him alongside the UP CM Yogi Adityanath. Whereas Dimple Yadav has had help from husband Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati for campaigning.


9.15 AM

Mumbai West Witnesses Celebrities in Poll Contest

This is a celebrity state as it is the heartland of Bollywood. Most of the Bollywood actors like Priyanka Chopra, Aamir Khan, Rekha, Kunal Kohli, etc. have already cast their votes. Priya Dutt, an ex-MP and daughter of late actor and politician Sunil Dutt, is contesting elections against Poonam Mahajan, a sitting BJP MP.


9.00 AM

Madhya Pradesh CM Casts His Vote

Kamal Nath, the CM of Madhya Pradesh, has cast his vote. He is contesting from Lok Sabha constituency of Chhindwara.The constituency derives its name from Chhind, a wild date palm tree. His son Nakul Nath is also contesting. Thus the state is witnessing a powerful electoral show of father son duo.


8.45 AM

Begusarai, Bihar Sees Fierce Poll Competition

Bihar goes to poll in 5 seats out of 40. Kanhaiya Kumar (CPI), the ex-JNUSU president, is contesting elections from here against Giriraj Singh (BJP), a union minister. This seat has been significant because Kanhaiya Kumar has been getting star campaigners like Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi to campaign for him. Although JNU students have not been able to perform in the Lok Sabha elections, hence a lot is riding on Kanhaiya Kumar to prove himself.


After the successful completion of the third phase of the Lok Sabha polls, the political parties are gearing up for the fourth one. The voting phase is scheduled for Monday, 29 April, 2019. The polling will take place across 9 states in 72 parliamentary constituencies.

Constituencies spread across West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, and Bihar will go to polls in this phase. In Anantnag constituency in J & K, voting is taking place in Kulgam district in this phase.

The following is the state-wise constituency list:


States Constituencies Participating in Polling in 4th Phase
Bihar (5 seats) Munger, Begusarai, Darbhanga, Samastipur, Ujiarpur
Jammu and Kashmir (1 seat) Anantnag (Kulgam district)
Jharkhand (3 seats) Lohardaga, Chatra, Palamu
Madhya Pradesh (6 seats) Shahdol, Sidhi, Jabalpur, Balaghat, Mandla, Chhindwara
Maharashtra (17 seats) Nandurbar, Shirdi, Dhule, Kalyan, Dindori, Nashik, Thane, Maval, Bhiwandi, Palghar, Shirur, Mumbai North, Mumbai South-Central, Mumbai North-West, Mumbai North-Central, Mumbai North-East, Mumbai South
Odisha (6 seats) Jagatsinghpur, Balasore, Mayurbhanj, Jajpur, Bhadrak, Kendrapara
Rajasthan (13 seats) Tonk-Sawai Madhopur, Jhalawar-Baran, Pali, Ajmer, Barmer, Rajsamand, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jalore, Chittorgarh, Banswara, Kota, Bhilwara
Uttar Pradesh (13 seats) Hamirpur, Etawah, Shahjahanpur, Farrukhabad, Kheri, Kanpur, Hardoi, Akbarpur, Kannauj, Unnao, Jhansi, Misrikh, Jalaun
West Bengal (8 seats) Birbhum, Bardhaman Purba, Ranaghat, Baharampur, Asansol, Bardhaman-Durgapur, Bolpur, Krishnanagar


Lok Sabha General Elections 2019 - Phase 4 Map
Map of India Depicting Constituencies of 9 States where Polling is going to take place on April 29, 2019.


The vote counting will be held on 23 May, 2019.

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