Who owns the US? May be India?

My eyes haven’t closed since I read that one easy-go-lucky man in Tirupur owns $5 billion worth of  US Treasury Bonds. Yes, US $5 Billion, he claims to be a financial consultant and was keeping them to start an oil refinery which would have cost him about Rs 40,000/- crores or US $8 Billion. This is probably tip of the iceberg when it comes to unaccounted money and India, we need to get this out and with the people.

I am sure these monies are all linked to the troika of politicians, industrial houses and bureaucrats. This is really silly. It is not possible to amass such a huge amount without everything in play together, or is it? Today 20 people died in Delhi because of cold or want of warm clothing or shelter over their head. The best which will happen is that the “real owner” would disown this $5 billion and protect his $50 billion lying elsewhere. He may have to, in this process, part with a couple of more billion dollars to keep politicians and officials at peace, small change.

The sad part is the means with which these monies are made. Illegal mining is one of the biggest money spinners of ill-gotten money, illegal mining is nothing but literally taking money from under the beds of deprived and dumped. Defense purchases may come a close second in this race for ripping the country. Our soldiers after all come from low income class or at the most middle class, right? Their lives are cheap, that is why they are willing to give it for the nation, right? This is what armament brokers think and this is why they compromise. Without compromising you don’t get silly money, what if few thousand soldiers lose their life, no big deal. This pains. Siphoning of planned funds for education is the third challenger. Those who are siphoning these funds send their kids to best of the universities,  how does it matter to them that few hundred thousand kids have to beg on the streets in this cold instead of getting educated, why should it?

Unfortunately, this is India, this is of course not the India which is taught in schools or which is sold under the brand “Incredible India.” This is ripping apart of democracy by a few for their personal gains. If we don’t like it, we must change it, to change something we must voice it. Create a noise, initiate a change, time is now. Jai Hind!