10 Most Polluted Cities of India

India's Most Polluted Cities

Air pollution has become a major concern for the citizens of India. The smoke emanating from buses, trucks, rickshaws, scooters and many automatic vehicles in the nation is increasing day by day.  Due to this, the evidence of all these gases are increasing in the atmosphere like sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and carbon monoxide (CO).  Apart from this, the carbon material called benzene is also increasing in the atmosphere, which is a major concern.  Due to this harmful fluid the chances of getting diseases like cancer can increase. The harmful particles present in the air are so tiny that they reach the windpipe through the nose, resulting in increased diseases like lung disease, cough and shortness of breath.

Along with this, the smoke coming out of houses and factories also increases the air pollution.  SO2 is generated from the burning of coal and geological fuels used in factories.

Here are the 10 most polluted cities in India:

1.Bhiwadi (Rajasthan)

Bhiwadi city of Rajasthan comes first in the list of 10 most polluted cities of India. It recorded the highest Air quality Index of more than 200 in 2022. Bhiwadi is considered to be the industrial area of ​​Rajasthan where more than 2 thousand factories are currently running.  At the same time, in terms of statistics, for the first time, Bhiwadi has overtaken Delhi in terms of pollution. The people of Bhiwadi are facing a lot of trouble breathing due to pollution.

2.Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) 

Ghaziabad is known as the 2nd most polluted city of India. If we look at the PCB figures, the AQI of Ghaziabad is at 428.  More than 200 AQI is considered very dangerous for people.  Air pollution continues to cause respiratory distress in Ghaziabad city.


The national capital Delhi’s air quality index (AQI) is in the ‘very poor’ category. The month of March was the worst for the citizens of Delhi when it comes to air quality.  March saw more polluted days than usual.  According to the information, the number of polluted days in March appeared to increase by 15 to 19 times.


The level of air pollution is increasing in Jaunpur.  Jaunpur has become the 4th most polluted city in India. Currently the AQI in Jaunpur is 152 which is very unhealthy for the citizens.


The air quality in Noida was recorded in a very poor category.  The air quality index in Noida was recorded at 283. It is known as the 5th most polluted city of India.


It is common for Baghpat in the Hindon and Yamuna doabs to have an air quality index ranging from 300 to 560 for a few years.  Now in the latest report of world air quality, Baghpat has been ranked 10th most polluted city in the world and 6th most polluted city in India.


The level of ozone gas, considered the most dangerous, has reached 78% in Hisar.  The biggest contributor to pollution is stubble and vehicular pollution.  Apart from this, the air is also getting poisonous due to the smoke coming out of thermal power and industries. 


In the latest report released by IQAir, Faridabad has been declared as the 12th most polluted city in the world.  However, in view of the problem of pollution in the city, the Municipal Corporation is conducting a study from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), so that the exact causes of pollution can be found out. The dust lying on the roads is deteriorating the air quality of the city.  The Municipal Corporation claims that strict action is being taken against those who set fire to the garbage in the city.  For this, a team has been formed in each ward.  According to the report, the PM 2.5 recorded an average of 88.9. 

9.Greater Noida

Greater Noida became the fifth most polluted city in the NCR with an AQI of 361 and 9th most polluted city in India. Few days back the AQI of Greater Noida was recorded at 317.


Kolkata has become the 10th most polluted city in India and 60th most polluted city in the whole world. Currently the AQI of kolkata is moderate but it remains high during other days.