It is all about connections

My India, unfortunately, is all about  connections. No connections equals struggle for even basic livelihood. Some connections equals survival with most desires unfulfilled. All connections equals total dominance, the law and the rule. I am sure I have “some connections,”  but then some connections work sometime, not all the time. Let us look at two critical connections “required” to survive in Delhi.

  1. You should know people in Police, if you know from your local police station ASI, SHO and Dy Commissioner of your District you are doing good.
  2. You should know CMO of at least one big/ marquee hospital and owners of couple of neighborhood hospital.

Unfortunately democracy is reduced to just casting your vote, knowing your rights and demanding the same are forgotten basis of Government of the people and Government for the people concept. As our cities are growing, so is the urban menace, bribery is one of the root causes of this decay. What are connections? Baring thick connections with blood relations and a close circle of childhood friends, connections are all about soft-or-hard bribe paid over a period of time. Keeping “local `thana’ happy is a priority with all tiny and small businesses. Even a person who puts up his cart everyday on pavement cultivates his connection with the beat constable, calls him a friend over a period of an year or so. The constable makes it a point to give him his daughter’s marriage card and the pavement entrepreneur  obliges with a Rs 5,000/- sagan, it is sagan to a friend’s daughter, you see. It doesn’t matter that he barely manages to make Rs 7,000/-  a month, but he must keep his “landlord” happy.