India: A Travellers Delight

It’ not without reason that India is called  travellers paradise. India has a plethora of tourist destinations spread out across its length and breadth. Right from the snow capped peaks of the Himalaya mountains to the sandy beaches of Kerala to the temples and sand dunes of Gujarat and Rajasthan to the green hills and tea gardens of the east.

India had something for every kind of traveller, whether you long for the solitude of the mountains to basking in the sun on one of India’s many spectacular beaches, India has it all.

Known for it’s rich history and ancient civilizations, India has drawn many to her shores over time and they have never left dissapointed. India’s uniqueness lies in its diversity and what you will find in the north can never be found in the south and vice versa.

The best time to visit India is between October to March as the weather is very pleasant at this time of the year. Visit India and be prepared to be blown away by this mind boggling country that will leave you baffled yet completely in awe of its colourful persona.

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