Franchise Cricket is Good or Threat For Cricket

Today cricket is totally changed. Now people are liking new format of the cricket that is the T-20 cricket. It entertained every one and less time consuming as compare to other format of cricket like one day international and test match.T-20 cricket is good but it also making some threat to other format because of people interest is now slowly slowly is shifting to shorter format of game and disliking the other specially test match which is more time consuming as because of their traditional five day match.

On the other hand the T-20 gives new player to chance to prove and performance because this format specially made for young generation and required more stamina and effort level. Now day the franchise cricket has also comes into play in which players comes from different countries and play with local players as a team. It is now more players method of cricket in now days people are also like this method of cricket because they get more entertained. Some retired cricketers and expert feeling this system of cricket is destroying the other format and this system of cricket only comes with the aim earn money.

This system has some good features like new players get chance to show their performance which they prior not able to do that and playing with domestic big player and players from other country. New players learn quickly and make their way to international cricket more confidentely and promising as well.

This franchise cricket has some drawbacks of like wastage of money, more chances of injury and so on. Cricketers now retiring early or quiting the test cricket just because of this system so they can play more of this kind of cricket. So this not good from the point of view being as a player from a particular country because at the end of the day the players will knows and remembers from his country not from this franchise cricket. This system also leads more chances of injuries to cricketers because of the so much effort demanding factor and sometimes gives a career threating injuries as well. This injuries cost a player when players represent his countries and fail to deliver that because of this injuries. Sometimes player give more than 100% and gives chances to injuries because of franchise pressure and other monetary factor.

For successful franchise cricket there must be a balanced way of maintaining cricket like Australian franchise has more effective balance as compare to other countries franchise cricket specially india. Australian cricket board allow only some part of investment in the team like 33% to the investor and also rest big players which is important as far as future matches concern so this type of system ensure good safety of players as well as for the cricket.

So overall now this concept of cricket has some good point and also have some bad ones. So cricket official like ICC has to look for this system and control carefully for the safety and interest of other great format like test matches and the odi. A balance cricket is needed for all format will good for cricketers and the peoples as well.

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