BJP – The Story of A Missing Party

Internal politics takes over the bigger cause at Bhartiya Janta Party, the  party enters a spiral of death. The BJP of today is a sorry figure. It is a group of heartbroken opportunists surviving from one disaster to live through another. BJP looks like a party obsessed with finding an answer to the question, how do we get back to power? If only, they would have asked a different question to themselves, how can we make India better? I am sure, if they approach our populace with a thought through answer to any of the fundamental questions troubling India, they would be home. And they would have their answer too.

BJP was not this big a disaster as long as they had the charisma of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his broad shoulders. During Vajpayee Ji’s time, the party had come to stand for, if they determine they do. Not any longer. The general perception is that neither they do what they say, nor would they think of doing anything else. At some stage the BJP lost the three abilities which differentiated them from the Congress: reliability; capability and affordability. They systematically lost all three of them, never to regain even one of them back.

Today’s BJP is a suspect on all accounts, suspect on having capability of managing their own dirty linen, Suspect on their greed quotient. Suspect on their controversial links to money bags and a suspect on having the ability of getting it done even if a decision is made for them by the public.

Can they put their house in order? I think so! If BJP decides to confess that they are not the holiest of the cows, people may still give them a chance. If they bury their individual agendas, happily, without bickering, and let the right man/ women lead them, chances are very bright that they will get a chance. If they get out of their mindset of finger wagging at every single proposal which the Government brings in and conserve their energy, I am sure they would be noticed and approved by intelligentsia.  The minute they implement few of these confidence building measures, people would start moving around them. This nation needs a party and BJP needs to find itself.