KPL Fixed: Police Arrested Two Former Karnataka Players

KPL Fixed: Police Arrested Two Former Karnataka Players
CM Gautam and Abrar Kazi were paid Rs 20 lakh for 'slow batting' in KPL final.
KPL Fixed: Police Arrested Two Former Karnataka Players
CM Gautam and Abrar Kazi were paid Rs 20 lakh for ‘slow batting’ in KPL final.

Match-fixing seems to be an integral part of cricket. In spite of strict laws made by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and cricket boards of other countries, this controversy time and again floats. Several top-class players spoiled their bright future due to the involvement in spot-fixing.

Azharuddin a known fixer

Former captain Azharuddin was accused in the match-fixing scandal in 2000. The ICC and BCCI banned Azhar from playing professional cricket for the rest of the life. However, Andhra Pradesh High Court later lifted the ban from the stylish Hyderabadi.

Abundance of money

At present cricket is a game of money. Even though first-class players and those featuring in IPL and other leagues are earning hefty amount, anyhow some players’ belly is big enough which is not filled. Fistful players accept money and fix the match. They are very much responsible for defaming this gentleman’s game.

Fixing in other games

Not to talk of cricket, players from other games are not behind. Doping and spot-fixing are the two ugly parts of the sports. Sports fraternity all over the world is trying to make all the games free from controversy. But bookies have power and approach to make contact with players and coaches and entice them to involve in fixing and other wrongdoings. It is needless to say that no game is free from scandal, doping and fixing.

KPL final fixed

Of late Karnataka Premier League was in the news for dubious reasons like match-fixing. The Central Crime Branch on Thursday arrested two cricketers of Karnataka CM Gautam and Abrar Qazi. Both culprits accepted money and allegedly fixed the final of 2019’s Karnataka Premier League (KPL). The final was played between Bellary Tuskers and Hubli Tigers on August 31 this year. Hubli Tigers eventually emerged champion defeated Tuskers by 8 runs.

Gautam, Qazi played IPL

Bellary Tuskers captain, Gautam, who had also played IPL for three teams, Delhi Daredevils, Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore and his former Karnataka teammate Abrar Qazi who just played one match for the RCB, failed to make any impact. Both players were charged to be involved in spot-fixing in the last two seasons of KPL

Police busy in investigation

“We have arrested two players with regards to KPL fixing,” Additional Commissioner of Police Sandeep Patil told. Possibility of more arrests can’t be denied with the progress of further investigation. Police further said the two were involved in fixing in the KPL 2019 finals between Bellary Tuskers and Hubli Tigers after accepting Rs 20 lakh each for slow batting. Hubli Tigers won that match by eight runs.

Ready to play national T20

Gautam and Kazi represent Goa and Mizoram respectively, had been selected in their respective state teams for the upcoming national T20 tournament, Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

Various codes

One officer said dishonest players and bookies had multiple modes of communication and therefore establishing evidence in court would be a challenge. “We are gathering all possible circumstantial evidence to support the case,” the officer said.

Two coaches in police net

Police are investigating the case from all angles to arrest the other culprits. Police have made two more arrests on the basis of information provided by another KPL player Nishant Shekhawat. Two coaches and an entertainer are already in the police net.

Cricket board should be careful

Match-fixing in cricket has been going on at all levels. If the same players turn up and play for the national team, then they can’t leave their bad habits behind. All cricket boards have to be very careful and treat the match-fixing just like a heinous crime and smother it, so that others can’t think about it.

Of late Bangladesh skipper, Shakib Uk Hassan was banned because he did not reveal to ICC that bookie had contacted him. Without showing any mercy ICC imposed two years banned to this Bangladeshi player. The act of ICC is worth praising from all angles.