10 ways to get rid of anxiety

10 ways to get rid of anxiety
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10 ways to get rid of anxiety

Anxiety? It is a term which people often use without a second thought, unaware of its impact over a person. But, those who suffer from it know how this simple feeling of nervousness, worry, fear and apprehension turns complex; how it robs the peace of your mind. Anxiety affects our behaviour and also our feelings. Mental trauma serves as a severe cause for escalating anxiety within an individual. Sometimes, physical symptoms are caused due to the chaos generated by anxiety. To live a peaceful life one needs to get rid of anxiety.

Below are a few ways to avoid anxiety –

Breathing exercises

The most effective way of keeping control over anxiety is to do quick breathing exercises. By shifting the breathing patterns and changing the rate of breathing, anxiety gets reversed. The body takes a while to react to our calming skills and starts releasing hormones to make us capable of dealing with the stress. If a person is trapped in a situation which makes him anxious, he should take deep breaths and count till 10 before reacting to the situation. This provides time to the brain as well as body for reacting appropriately while dealing with it.

Meditation and yoga

Spending more time with self to strengthen your mental abilities is one of the finest ways to reduce anxiety. Meditation helps you to develop mental strength and improve your focus. Moreover, sound sleep can also be acquired by meditation. As the hold of negativity starts loosening its grip over the mind, it gets more space. Yoga and meditation, if practiced on regular basis, boost self-esteem and one feels healthier by doing so.

Challenge the negativity

One must always remember that life is an endless process of evolving into a better version of yourself. Challenge the negativity which you have in your mind and try to think of every positive solution to living a better life. Believe and assure the inner you that ‘you’ are capable of doing everything in life.

Find the stress and shoot it

Find the reasons which generate stress in your life. Remember, nothing is more important than your peace, so get distant from all the stress generating people or activities and take steps towards finding your inner peace. Don’t get stressed over any happenings or situations as they won’t last forever.

Alternate healing practices like acupuncture

Many times conventional medicines do not serve as a solution. Alternate healing practices can be tried at that time to feel relieved. Apart from health benefits, practices like acupuncture can be effective in empowering and awakening confidence within an individual.


Nobody can love you the way you can; nobody can take care of you the way you will be. Developing a well-rounded approach towards tackling anxiety is necessary. If you don’t feel resilient, remind yourself to take care of you. Befriend yourself as it’s you who has to stand for you. Work on yourself, never stop growing. Replenish your resources, feel good about yourself; don’t underestimate your capabilities. Get a massage or a haircut. Spend money on yourself, praise yourself for every achievement and lastly believe yourself.

Reduce caffeine

Caffeine is sometimes associated with triggering panic and anxiety attacks. An overdose of caffeine can cause low blood sugar levels and your heart to palpitate . It also contributes to the over-activation of the nervous system which ultimately triggers anxiety. So, it is advised to reduce the intake of caffeine which makes you extra alert and leads to anxious behaviour.

Face things, don’t run

Running from a problem triggers anxiety as one gets concerned about the result. The best way to deal with situations is to know the root cause of them; think about the positive outcomes and don’t get worried over the result. Subside your fear and don’t let your mind get afraid of any circumstance. Once you start facing the situations and figure out positive results, they will stop haunting you.

Make a routine

Making a routine can absolutely help in dealing with anxiety; but one needs to keep in mind that it is not needed or possible to have a control over everything. Plan your day and follow your routine. It is surely going to bring peace but don’t get obsessive about it.

Spend time with people possessing positive thoughts

Spending time with people who manifest positive thinking can help in curing anxiety. Support of friends and family actually helps you get through several problems. A natural stress reliever oxytocin is released in the company of positive people which counterparts all the negativity. A rush of adrenalin stops gushing into your head when you feel secure in the company of your loved ones.

Getting rid of anxiety is a slow process, no magic can cure it overnight. So, don’t worry and slowly try to manage and take steps towards eliminating it.

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