Delhi Nursery Admissions Anxieties

As the New Year Began, the coming days became hectic for hundreds of parents across Delhi since the admission forms for nursery admissions went on sale from 1st January. As predicted, the admission season looks to be a testing time for parents as they fight against all odds for an admission seat for their child. With around four lakh applications competing for one lakh nursery seats and a point-system that seems to be biased, many parents will be extremely worried as they go on the admission spree.

As per an internet survey, 84 per cent out of the 1460 parents believed that they would not get an admission easily, while others were anxious that this year again it would be an admission nightmare. To make sure that their child gets a seat, parents are applying in more than ten schools at a time, just to make sure they get a seat in any school.

Reflecting the anxiety of parents some of them feel tense, others nervous, while some just go depressed. Some parents are also excited about the whole admission process and are full of confidence about their child getting an admission  seat. Also weighing heavily on the parents mind is the point-system adopted by many schools which in spite of official advisories have not increased importance to neighborhood/distance criterion.

As the last date for submission of applications is 15 January as per the Delhi Government admission schedule. These fifteen days bring forth lots of tension for parents. The teachers are also troubled as their winter vacations are also cancelled as they have to report to school to assist in the nursery admission process.

The admission process has already come in controversy with a number of schools seeking an evaluation age bracket for entry into nursery. Currently, the minimum age for admissions into nursery is three-and-half years which the schools want to raise to four years. The government has ruled out any changes this year and has decided to set up a committee to examine the issue. With this news we will have to just wait and watch whether the admission procedure next year will get any better or not.