Growing tuition culture in India

Commonly we relate growth of tuition system in India with the ever increasing competition. As the competition is increasing, students do not want leave any stone unturned. Apart from this, seeing other students going for tuition, parents also force their kids for the same, whether they need this or not. In schools, especially the ones in remote villages, there is a shortage of teachers, thus students are left with no option but to go for tuitions, if their parents can afford it. Be it any need, the tuition system is India is a great set back to the entire education system as well as schooling. Pupils and parents find going for tuition a very normal part of their curricular activity.

Though it started with upper and middle class, but now private tuition is not only limited to these sections. Students belonging to families that are not doing so well are also seen attending tuition. Students are greatly dependent upon tuitions for studies, that even nursery kids go for the same, let alone students preparing for competitive exams.

One of the reasons why tuition business in India has gained so much importance is that teachers’ lack of concern as, they do not teach well at schools. Also such teachers ask their students to get private tuition from them after school hours. But if the teachers cannot make their students understand the subject at school then how come they will make everything clear during tuition? Only because the tuition fee completely belongs to them, so they put extra efforts. Though every teacher is not like this, but majority now belongs to this category. Most of the teachers at schools and colleges are not interested in solving the problems of their students but still there are many teachers who are willing to help students at any time and are against tuitions. They promote self study and also guide well in school or college classes. But number of such teachers is diminishing in India.
Tuition culture in India now seems inseparable from the normal schools. Hence, education today is not the transmission of knowledge, but has become a very successful trade. While I was in school there were hardly any tuition centres for classes till 10th grade, but now the scenario is different as, on every corner you can see a board hanging on a house for tuition.

Tuition system is predominantly found in India, but not in any other developed country or in country where education is given much importance. Modern version of tuition centre is the coaching centres and some of these are so popular that these even have branches all across India. These so called tuition centres or coaching centres take full advantage of today’s competition and quickly make money. Almost allcandidates who clear Civil Services exams or other exams like this take private tuitions. Students from marginalized groups are also given scholarships for the tuitions.

By seeing the mushrooming of so called tuition centres, especially run by the college teachers, the government has also passed directions that college teachers teaching at colleges cannot take private tuitions and if they continue to do so it is illegal and harsh steps will be taken against the guilty.

But it is very difficult to uproot this problem in India as we no longer consider tuitions a problem, but part of schooling and education. Also it is widespread and well accepted. One of the major setbacks of tuition system in India is the decline in quality of education at schools as both parents and teachers rely more on tuition studies than school. Also every parent cannot afford this as tuitions are no longer free and some charge very high rates. So here again the quality depends upon the money you are willing to pay. Poor people are actually seen curbing their basic needs to send their kids for tuitions.

So if we really want to change the whole situation we have to change ourselves. If possible and if you are capable, give time to your kids and help them in studies. Where ever required take the guidance of school teachers. Also laws should be made for tuitions and should be enforced with strictness.


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