How to sing with a clear voice?

Music is something which you can never stop listening to as it is everywhere around us. If you feel lonely, sad, happy or excited, every kind of music will help you change your mood. If you are a singer and getting frustrated from voice issues while singing, I have some fantastic tips for you.

We use our voice when we sing; we also use it throughout the day and how you treat your voice throughout the day when you speak has a significant impact on the shape that your voice is in when it’s time to sing.

Following are the 5 ways to sing with a clear voice:

  • Get rid of mucus 

You have to avoid consuming dairy products, soda, sugary foods and laughing. If you laugh too much before singing, it adds more mucus and phlegm to your throat and disturbs the voice. This can also happen if you’re recovering from a cold because you have a lot of mucus build up during the cold. Also, if you’ve been eating many cookies and drinking milk, you get a phlegmy voice and sound scratchy. If you accidentally ate that before singing, you can drink warm water or green tea to relieve the mucus and clear your throat. Green tea is a better option as it contains herbs that help to heal the throat. You can also practice humming to get a clear voice. It’s like mild vibrations in your throat. It blends up the mucus. You can also gargle listerine. 

  • You want a clear tone as well

Everybody wants a clear tone as well, one that is not too forced and confusing. While singing in your natural voice, if you find yourself forcing each note or get nervous, you emphasize each word that sounds too forced. Relax! Don’t overthink; take a deep breath and sing it smoothly. 

  • Avoid singing through your nose

Instead of pushing air through your nose and mouth, try to sing with all of your heart without forcing. A flat diaphragm provides a good control air supply to your vocal cords as it enhances the support to the airstream. If you feel you’re singing from your nose, tickle your nose and force your breath to speak. It will change the feeling in your throat.

  • Avoid singing if it hurts

If your voice cracks while singing, just take some rest. Don’t force yourself to practice high notes. Everybody has different pitches. If you want to practice a high note, adjust the song’s key to fit in your voice. Start with less to create a big build. Imperfections make the song perfect. 

  • Drink water

There is a big difference between when your voice is hydrated or non-hydrated. When you’re not hydrated, your voice can feel sticky. It can be hard to sing. Try drinking water throughout the week. At Least drink 7-8 glasses of water per day. It will keep your throat and body hydrated. But do not drink right before a vocal session because that water will not impact hydration at that moment.

Vocal confidence is essential. Just be patient with your voice and celebrate every vocal achievement. Stop comparing yourself to other singers and embrace your uniqueness.

Keep singing!