Know about the Fashion Designing Course

Designing is a vast field. There is a designer at work behind everything you see and use. In addition, there are numerous interior designers, including workspaces and graphic designers for media and entertainment products like newspapers and movies when it comes to living.

Choosing a field:

  • Product Design

In product designing, user-friendly products are made.

  • Furniture Design

In furniture designing, new designs are created and experimented with new materials to increase users’ comfort level.

  • Ceramic Design

To make such products as dinner sets, washbasins, Artistic products the ceramic designs are widely used in lifestyle. 

  • Textile Design

This is a little bit different from fashion designing, but it’s a part of designing. For example, in textile design, the experts create new woven and nonwoven textiles by adding a lot of unique characteristics like “crease resistant” varieties.

  • Apparel and Accessory Design

Here the designers create clothes and accessories for fashion-conscious consumers.

  • Communication Design

Here the special effects, layout, design animation, film and photography is used for the entertainment, media and advertising industries.

  • Exhibition Design

The designs are connected with cultural events in the Exhibition Design, which showcases works in Museum and Art galleries, trade fairs, and marketing events.


There are a lot of courses like leather designing, accessory designing, textile designing, footwear designing, knitwear designing and others.


The duration for a Bachelor’s degree in fashion and designing is 4 to 5 years. The diploma course is also available for this course where the period is 2-3 years. 

After completing it, the Master’s course duration is two years in the same field.


An entrance examination is conducted to test the candidates’ aesthetic skills. The test consists of a study from the life-face of a human model, which is drawn with a pencil and any watercolour painting on a specific theme. 

The footwear design and development institute offer degree and diploma courses in the designing and development of footwear.

Apparel training and design Centre offers one or 2-year diploma courses in fashion design and the manufacturing of Apparel.

The National Institute of Fashion Design offers six months course certificate courses in Apparel pattern making, industrial sewing, machine operations and others.

List of Institutes:

NIFT: National Institute of Fashion Technology is a premier fashion institute of design, management and technology. The institute offers a common platform for the education, research and training of fashion education. 

It has a network of 12 professionally managed domestic centres in Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Gandhinagar, Bhopal, Patna, Mumbai, RaeBareli, Shillong, Calcutta, Patna and Kannur. In addition, this institute has further spread its wings globally with the opening of an international Centre in Mauritius. 

NID: The National Institute of Design offers professional education programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the 17 diverse design domains. 

Overall the structure of this institute is a combination of theory, design projects, skills and field experiences supported by cutting edge design studios, skill knowledge management centres and innovation labs.

Job Prospects:

A lot of different designing jobs are offered to students studying in premier institutions. Moreover, many top companies in fashion accessories, leather goods, garments, media outlets, advertising and other sectors recruit students with the appropriate qualifications.